War Zero 1 Issue Fortnite {June} How To Get The Comic?

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To all the readers who wish to know the details of War Zero 1 Issue Fortnite and other related facts, this article has the solution for your queries.

Are you a Marvel fan? Are you a Fortnite fan? Why are fans going crazy over the collision of marvel and Fortnite? When will this much-awaited series of comics be launched? This article will serve you to the best of readers who wish to scroll through the answers to all these related questions.

Marvel and Fortnite are coming together for a comic and recently have launched the same over the internet. Soon after the launch, this topic gained people’s attention in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and many other parts of the world. Read this article about War Zero 1 Issue Fortnite till the end to know all.

Details about War Zero 1 Fortnite Issue:

Epic Games, the leader behind this combined launch, has come up with the release date scheduled for the comics. They have revealed the complete details for the release of these comics. 

To all our readers eagerly waiting for the War Zero 1st Issue, according to the mentioned details, the same will be released on 8th June 2022 with Spider-Man Zero Outfit. This was only the first Issue. Scroll down to get the details for the competition for schedule.

Fortnite Zero War Comic Issue 1- Complete Schedule:

After fetching the details for the first Issue, release dates for all the next series of issues are mentioned below for user clarity-

  • 2nd Issue- 13th July 2022- Iron Man Based Wrap
  • 3rd Issue- 17th August 2022- Wolverine Based Pickaxe
  • 4th Issue- 31st August 2022- Spray based on Marvel x Fortnite: War Zero
  • 5th Issue- 28th September 2022- Loading screen on Marvel X Fortnite War Zero

The official Epic Games sources confirm all these dates and the details for the linked cosmetic item for the mentioned schedule.

War Zero 1 Issue Fortnite– Details about the Comics: 

Zero War Point fragments have somehow entered the universe of marvel due to all launching their five series sets of comics. This comic contains all the fictional details for all the events that will happen worldwide when the Marvel and Fortnite heroes collide to find the zero shard.

The comic will eb available in Andorra, Austria, Brazil, France, Greece, Belgium, Germany, Chile, Argentina, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Holland, Russia, Portugal, Slovakia, Poland, Monaco, French, Belgium, Serbia, Spain, and other parts of the world.

How to get the Comic?

After finding out the essential details for War Zero 1 Issue Fortnitelet’s reveal the steps to get the same. These will be available in printed versions at the mentioned cities and countries’ comic stores, including forbidden Planet and many others.

To all those who wish to get a digital version of the same, they will get it on the Marvel Comics App and the marvel unlimited website.

Final Verdict:

All our readers who are waiting for the Zero 1 issue release for the Marvel X Fortnite Comic, then the same will be launched on 8th June. Users can collect War Zero 1 Issue Fortnite from their nearest comic store or get access to it on online platforms.

Find your Issue on Marvel Website to scroll the pages. If this article solves your queries, then we request you to share your comments for the same below.  

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