Wang Zhelin Stats (Sep 2021) Read Updates Facts Here!

Please read this composition to learn about the Wang Zhelin Stats, the awards he received, and the recent transfer of his drafting rights to the Lakers.

Are you a follower of basketball? Do you keep yourself informed about the statistics of the players? Have you recently heard about the trading of two players between American professional basketball teams? Then, please read this write-up to know the latest information.

In this article, we have discussed a popular basketball player and the Wang Zhelin Stats. We have also covered his recently transferred drafting rights, about which his fans worldwide, including in the Philippines and the United States, are eager to find out. 

Who is Wang Zhelin?

Wang Zhelin is a popular basketball player originally hailing from China. He plays from the center position in his team owing to his height of 7 ft. He started being recognized as a potential player at the age of eighteen. 

In the Nike Hoop Summit held in 2012, Wang performed commendably by adding nineteen points to the team score, according to the Wang Zhelin Stats. In the same year, he joined a professional team under the Chinese Basketball Association, the Fujian Sturgeons. Throughout his journey with this team, continuing till the present, he showed excellent performances. 

Wang Zhelin also played for his country in the FIBA Asian Championship held in 2015 and the 2018 Asian Games. In each of these tournaments, he contributed towards the national basketball team in bagging a gold medal. 


Wang Zhelin has won multiple awards in his basketball career. In 2013, he was honored with Rookie of the Year by the Chinese Basketball Association. In 2019, he received the Most Valuable Player award (Domestic) of the CBA. The Wang Zhelin Stats portray that he was a well-deserving candidate to receive these awards. In addition, he also became the CBA All-Star for three consecutive years in 2013, 2014, 2015, and then again in 2017. 

Recent Trading of Drafting Rights

On 10 September 2021, trade took place between two American professional basketball teams, namely the Los Angeles Lakers and the Memphis Grizzlies, regarding the exchange of drafting rights and some cash amounts. The Lakers handed over Marc Gasol, a Spanish basketball player, and in return, they acquired the drafting rights of Wang Zhelin. This implies that the Lakers can now directly acquire Wang when required. 

Wang Zhelin Stats

Here, we have mentioned the statistics of Wang Zhelin’s game in the season when he got titled the Most Valuable Player of CBA, i.e., 2018-2019. This was also the best overall performance in his career. He played a total of 46 games, with his average points per game as 25.7. The percentage of his free throws was 0.651, while that of the field goals was 0.547. 

The average rebounds and assists per game that Wang had in that season were 13.9 and 2.3, respectively. His best free throw percentage was 0.732, played during 2013-14. 


As the Wang Zhelin Stats are quite impressive, the Los Angeles Lakers want to utilize Wang’s gaming skills for their team to excel. Wang has proved to be a fabulous player and uses his experience to the fullest to score goals for his team. You might be interested in finding more about WangZhelin  and his gameplay. 

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