Wanbergs.Com Reviews {March} Is This An Online Scam Site

Wanbergs.com Online Website Reviews

This post guides the users and viewers on Wanbergs.com Reviews, legitimacy, privacy policy, and features of Wanbergs.com shop.

Have you heard about Wansbergs.com Shop? If not, this post will guide you on this shop. Unfortunately, this shop has not gained mass reachability, but many users of the United States want a review of the Wanbergs shop. So, here we will discuss some important details like Wanbergs.com Reviews and other legitimate information. 

So, if you have any plans to shop from here, please take a rain check on them and look at this post before purchasing. Then, let us begin our research.

Brief of Wanbergs.com

Wanbergs.com shop is an American-based website that offers daily use items. They have equipment that can make your household tasks easier, and you will get some spare time to spend with your friends and family. Their items include:

  • Water sports items like inflatable Rafting tube, outboard motor, swimming pool set, etc.
  • Lifevest jackets
  • Cycles
  • High chair
  • Wooden Playhouse
  • Griddle Stand

Is Wanbergs.com Legit? We have mentioned a complete list of their products, but could we recommend you to buy from this shop? Of Course not. Without reviewing this website, we cannot suggest our readers buy from this website. So, for the sake of the customer’s safety, we would share an explained section where you will find all the necessary details on the legitimacy of the Wanbergs.com shop.

Features of Wanbergs.com

  • Purchase life vest jackets from https://www.wanbergs.com/.
  • Email id: support@wanbergs.com.
  • Location: North Carolina,28655, 4251 Pea Ridge Rd, United States, Morganton.
  • Our research team could not gather any information on the phone number. 
  • We researched a lot but could not find any relevant Wanbergs.com Reviews on the shop’s collection. Also, the review sites have not rated this shop. 
  • Return Policy: thirty days return policy is applicable for defective and wrong products. 
  • Non-returnable items: perishable items like food, flowers, beauty products, etc.
  • Shipping policy: separate section for this policy is unfound. But the expected delivery time is mentioned below the products.
  • Payment options available: PayPal, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover.

Positive Highlights

  • The location details and email address is found.

Negative Highlights

  • The phone number is not mentioned.
  • The reviews are not seen on any product.
  • Social media handles are not found.

Is Wanbergs.com Legit?

The Wanbergs.com site has varieties of products that you may want for a long time. But, we advise you not to get trapped in their collection; instead, you should always read their legitimacy. In addition, the retailer may misuse your credentials, so be careful while sharing your personal information. 

  • Website Registration: July 24, 2021, is the Wanbergs’ registration date. The website was registered eight months ago and had a poor life span.
  • Trust Index: The trust rate is one percent, which is inferior and irrelevant. It could not be trusted based on its poor trust rate.
  • Registrar: Wanbergs.com is registered by GoDaddy.com, LLC.
  • Buyer’s Feedback: We could not find any relevant Wanbergs.com Reviews on this website’s products. No review site has shared its ratings on this shop.
  • Social account: We could not find any relevant account of this site on the social media platforms. It seems like it is an unpopular site.
  • Privacy Policy: All the relevant and necessary policies were found. But, the retailer has not mentioned a separate section for shipping policy.
  • Missing information: The retailer shared the location details and email ID, but the phone number is missing from the layout.
  • Data safety: The website uses HTTPS, but it is not always safe as other factors also matter. Beware of all the risks.

Wanbergs.com Reviews

The website has provided its email address and location details, but the telephone number is not shared. Moreover, the website seems unpopular as there is no availability on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. In addition, we could not find any reviews on their products. Even the review sites have not shared any ratings and reviews on this site. 

This website could not be trusted as it got a poor ranking on Alexa. It makes it an unsafe website. The buyers can save themselves from credit card scams by reading this post.

Final Summary

Summing up this post on Wanbergs.com Reviews, we found that this shop was registered eight months ago, and the trust rate is poor. The buyers could not trust the website based on its poor life span. Please search this link to know more details on Griddle.  

Would you like to share your views on the reliability of Wanbergs.com? Please comment down your thoughts.

The measures to prevent PayPal Scamming are shared here in this post.

6 thoughts on “Wanbergs.Com Reviews {March} Is This An Online Scam Site

  1. This is a scam !!! I paid them and never received my merchandise. I tried multiple times to contact them with no response! Do Not buy from this website!!!!

  2. I ordered something from this site on 3/29/2022. It is now 4/6/2022 and have not heard from them. I email them on 4/5/2022 but have not heard from them. I guess I got scammed for the first time. There’s always a first time. Lessons learned. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE!!!

  3. I, too, got taken by this site. The old saying of “If it is too good to be true, it surely isn’t true” holds. I am now trying to go through PayPal for a refund.

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