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The article Walrus Adopt Me is about the newly updated legendary pets that came in the game, read here before purchasing.

It is almost the end of the year-end, and people are already in cheer mode. Also, it is the time of holiday as well as winter. And the different games maintain the people’s interest with all the updates arriving in the game.

Adopt Me is a most demandable Roblox game that has gained Worldwide attention. Have you heard about the winter updates in the game? There have been new pets, and we will discuss the Walrus Adopt Me updates. Let us proceed with our discussion on today’s topic.

What is the purpose of the game Adopt Me?

Adopt Me is an online multiplayer role-playing game created in partnership with the Roblox platform. Uplift games launched it in July 2017 on various media, including Xbox One, Windows, macOS, and others.

The fundamental goal of the game is to adopt and care for a variety of virtual pets before trading them with other players. These, like real-world pets, go through distinct stages of life. Based on their rarity cost, pets are classified as rare, ultra-rare, common, uncommon, or legendary.

Walrus Adopt Me became a new search when the recent game update came into effect. Let us tell you that Adopt Me is one of the most popular Roblox games, with billions of visits to date.

What is a walrus in the Adopt Me game?

Walrus is a pet that came with the Winter Adopt Me game update with the legendary rarity. You will get walrus once you purchase a walrus box.

The developers of the game have added these boxes, which is unique. These boxes do contain not only walrus pets but also others. Yes, folks, you will get regular Walrus Adopt Me, summer walrus, and Golden walrus.

How do you get a walrus in Adopt Me?

As we now know that the game has announced the legendary pets, the next question is how to get walrus? So, it is not very difficult to get this legendary pet, but first of all, you need to own the box. Let us see the chances of getting each kind of pet once you own the box:

  • For the Regular walrus, the probability is 70%
  • For summer walrus, the chances are 26%
  • However, the chance of getting Golden walrus is only 4%.

Walrus Adopt Me Appearance and costs:

Walruses have a greyish body with two side pectoral fins and one rear flipper in general. Additionally, it features two white fangs, a black nose, a white snout, and tiny black eyes with black eyebrows.

If we talk about the price, the cost of the box which contains walrus is 15,000 gingerbread. Also check Roblox Generators detail for better understanding.


The walrus came with the new update on December 1st. But along with this, other pets are on the list, like puffins and Ice golem. But ultimately, it is your choice if you are willing to purchase walrus as your dream pet. We hope you get the information about Walrus Adopt Me. If you want to know more about Adopt Me, you can check here.  

 Are you willing to purchase walrus? Please tell below.

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