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Walmart Life Club Reviews (Dec) Is the Website Legit?

Walmart Life Club Online Website Reviews
This blog enlightens several facts regarding the famous Walmart Life Club. Read the Walmart Life Club Reviews and find out whether it is legit or not

Walmart, the majority of people have heard about this online departmental shop. It is getting popular in the United States because of its vast product collections. 

The store is selling A-Z products with a vast variety. Are you buying from Walmart Life Club for the first time? What are the Walmart Life Club Reviews? Do you have any confusion regarding its authenticity? Then you’ve come to the correct page where you will be receiving unbiased information based on the site’s internal factors and live consumers’ live experience.

Introduction about Walmart: 

Walmart is a new retail store that sells a variety of products. Here buyers can avail of different commodities such as Toys and Games, Electronic Gadgets, Fitness & Exercise Gear, Beauty & Health Care Products, Outdoor & Indoor Décor Items, Toddler & Baby Care Items, etc., by visiting the ‘Shop’ tab located at the top side.

But, Is Walmart Life Club Legit? Checking its product showcasing, we found a bit confusing that it doesn’t have any accurate description of any product. Moreover, the price is unbelievable; for instance, a 999$ indoor cycle is available for just 99$, which is pretty alluring for the consumers. However, before checking facts, don’t fall for this type of deal.


  • Web Link:
  • Address: 10561-E Meseto-Ave, Mesa, LA, USA-85209.
  • Email ID:
  • Contact Number: The number isn’t provided on the ‘Contact Us page.
  • Reviews: Walmart Life Club Reviews are unavailable on the Walmart Life Club site and other external webs.
  • Shipping Costs: Costs may vary, and you can only check them during shopping.
  • Shipping Policy: The estimated time of shipping an order is around 7 to 12 business days.
  • Cancellation Facility: The data is available, and according to it, 24 hours is active for canceling an order.
  • Replacement Process: The replacement facility is active but for any damaged items.
  • Refund System: The refund process is applicable for defective products.
  • Return System: Return is applicable for damaged products only.
  • Payment Process: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express.
  • Is Walmart Life Club Legit: No, we have yet not found if it is safe or not.

Why is the store worthy of using?

  • The store has been providing service for over 100 countries and has vast collections of A-Z products.
  • It sells online at meager prices in the United States.
  • In addition, multiple processes for payments can be obtained.

What are the Drawbacks?

  • No reviews have been obtained.
  • Very shallow index ratings.
  • Valid social-media connection is not recognized.
  • The address is partially correct.
  • No phone number and shipping charges clarifications.

How legit is this shop?

Check out the Walmart Life Club Reviews and some important internal data to verify its legitimacy-

  • The shop first exhibited its existence in the year 2021, October 23rd.
  • No reviews have been extracted.
  • Good profiles on different media channels are not obtained.
  • Index rank is 2%, which means it is not trustable and needs a thorough check.
  • Content is plagiarized; only 30% is unique.
  • Multiple paying processes are present.
  • The domain ID is not known due to not presence of whois data.
  • Shoplaza runs the business.

Above all, data has not matched the criteria of being legit; therefore, there is a doubt whether it is legit and safe for the users. Let’s check its review-

What are the Walmart Life Club Reviews?

Earlier, we have already mentioned no ratings and comments are obtainable from the site and other channels. Coming to the products reviews, no products have received remarks ratings from any consumers as well as for its customer services.

Coming to its social-media popularity, it is not present on any official social-media platform, which of course, is not an excellent sign showing its credibility. So buyers need to think once more to choose this site for purchasing household goods. Also, you must read the process of obtaining money in the PayPal scams.

Final Verdict:

After checking the Walmart Life Club Reviews and other facts like poor index score, social presence is nil, high percentage of copied content, domain age, we can specify the site is not decent and if anyone want to give it a try, then a proper check is mandatory. Also, know the method of the money getting process in Credit cards fraud. Did you buy anything from Walmart Life Club? Kindly tell us your experience.


  1. I ordered a keurig coffee maker on the 31 of Oct and this is the 3 of Nov and the status is awaiting shipment. I don,t know if this is leggit or not. I should have checked it out but trusted that they were leggit. Fortunately I put this on a charge and if they don,t ship it in the next couple of days I will contact my credit card company.

    1. Hello Jonathan Costa, Yes, they are scammers. Buyers don’t waste your time. Just reach with your payment company. They can give you a better option. You said it right put them in scammers list. It will aware everyone. Be cautious. Take care.

  2. I ordered a gabby dollhouse in October. It is November 25th and nothing. I tried to look up my shipment and the website is taken down. My “confirmation” email, was someone’s personal gmail account.

    1. Hello Ariel Sargent, We would suggest if nothing is working, please try to get a refund. Many buyers have mentioned same issue. So better reach them. Helpful information. Thanks for the update. Take care.

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