Walmart Going Bagless 2021 {Jun} Is This Offer True?

Walmart Going Bagless 2021 {Jun} Is This Offer True? >> If you want to know about a sustainable is step Walmart is taking in 2021, read this post.

Walmart is a big name and needs no introduction. Almost every citizen of the United States goes shopping at Walmart because it is a store from where you can buy everything under one roof. 

However, at present be heard all the latest news regarding this is Store and we are going to dig deep into finding is Walmart Going Bagless 2021? If you are also interested in knowing why Walmart has taken this decision and whether it is true or not, read the article till the end.

Dive Brief: 

  • Walmart has decided to cut back on the use of one-time plastic bags. For this, the Store has started a pilot in Vermont named- BAGLESS. 
  • This pilot was initiated on the 15th of February, and from then, all the Walmart stores in the state are asking the customers to carry their reusable bags. This is an important initiative taken by the Store, which is also a move towards sustainable development, and so Walmart Going Bagless 2021 is a positive initiative. 
  • According to the media report, the Central American and Mexican Wal-Mart division is also interested in going bagless. This is why more than 70% of the retail stores in Mexico aur no more providing plastic bags. 

Reasons for banning plastic bags 

It was important to ban plastic bags because of the country’s increasing landfill and water pollution rate. However, according to DNREC officials, this ban mainly focuses on reducing landfill space, roadside litter, and increasing recycling efforts. This is why Walmart Going Bagless 2021. 

According to the Delaware Department of Natural Resources, around 2400 tons of plastic bags are reported to end up in landfills every year. Therefore, if people start reducing plastic carry bags, it can be a great contribution to reducing landfill waste. It will also protect the waterways and wildlife.

COVID-19 concerns

Another reason for banning plastic bags is the concern from customers related to the covid-19 pandemic. At present, many stores are not allowing customers to carry their bags. Also, they want customers to back their purchases independently so that the employees do not come in contact with the virus. 

According to the law, it is the individual Store’s choice to allowed reusable bags or not. 

Walmart Going Bagless 2021: Above and Beyond

Walmart has already set a zero-waste goal by going bagless in 2021. Major funding is done by Walmart, CVS Health, and Target for this three-year initiative to end the use of plastic bags. Another important step is to identify, test, and implement a feasible design solution that is more sustainable than the current retail bags. 

Final Words

It is important to bring large-scale change in the country, which is only possible if any big step is taken. Therefore, Walmart Going Bagless 2021 to address the global waste challenge. We have discussed all the important points related to Walmart and its initiative. If you want to know more about this is a sustainable initiative, you can go through this link

Are you in support of bagless stores? Please share your feedback with us in the comments section. 

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