Wal Parcel Tracking (December 2021) Beware Of This Scam!

This article offers information about the Wal Parcel Tracking and mentions the working of this scam.

Scams are getting increasingly more common every day. Scammers are getting cleverer by the day and inventing new tricks to fool more users into their plans. People often lose their private data and sensitive details to these scams. It helps to be aware of such scams in advance to protect yourself from them in a better way. One of the scams going viral is the trendy Wal Parcel Tracking scam, fooling many users.

This scam mostly affects users in the United States and has become especially viral in that region. Keep reading this article to know more about its working.

About Parcel Tracking

It refers to the simple activity of tracking your parcel. Most parcel and courier services have services that allow users to track their parcels and obtain information about their location, expected arrival date and several other related details. 

All the leading couriers’ services keep updating their users with the location of their parcels to make their operations more informative. 

What is the Wal Parcel Tracking Scam?

  • First, there’s no official well-known parcel service in the name of WAL Parcel or WAL Courier, or any other similar name in the United States.
  • Users get a message claiming that they have a parcel waiting for them arriving through the WAL Packing Service.
  • The message asks users to track their package, and a tracking code is also mentioned in the message.
  • A link is present at the end asking users to obtain the tracking details of their shipment.
  • Users are suspicious of this link, and we can confirm that it’s a scam with further research.

How Does Wal Parcel Tracking Scam Work?

This text message scam is a phishing scam that’s not safe for users’ privacy. Would you please look at some details about its working below?

  • Users who click on this link get redirected to another website. 
  • On this website, users are asked to enter their details, including some of their sensitive, personal details.
  • Entering any personal information on this website isn’t as it will fall directly into the hands of the scammers, and they will misuse it and cause a lot of inconveniences.
  • These scams also have users participate in surveys.
  • In short, Wal Parcel Tracking is a scam, and users should not click on the link if they have also received the message.
  • The redirected website may also install malware on your device, which is extremely harmful.
  • Read more about such scams here

The Final Verdict         

Phishing scams are one of the most common and extensively used scamming methods. Recently, a similar scam is gaining traction, called the Wal Parcel scam. We have mentioned all the relevant information, including its working, above. 

What are your thoughts on such scams? Have you also encountered this text message scam? Kindly share your thoughts on the Wal Parcel Tracking in the comments section. Also, learn here how to stay protected from online scams.

3 thoughts on “Wal Parcel Tracking (December 2021) Beware Of This Scam!”

  1. 14017145246 this phone number is a scam number. Please watch out everyone. I was able to run this link in a virtual environment and it does upload spyware easily onto your phone or computer. The link itself is a download and redirect url for phishing, do not click

    • Hello Aurem, Thanks for the update. Buyers read the above message, as it is advised to stay away from such portals. The links provided are dangerous and can harm your device. Be cautious and alert. Thanks & regards. Take care.

  2. I just received this today on my cell regarding WAL Parcel Tracking. I’m waiting on a order from a store but for some reason the WAL didn’t seem correct. Glad I looked into it before clicking on the link.


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