Wake County Sheriff Election 2022 {May} Know Results!

 Today’s article on Wake County Sheriff Election 2022 will inform our readers of the new sheriff election of Wake County and its results.

Have you been hearing about the election of the Wake County Sheriff? Today, in this article, we’ll tell you all about it. Wake County is a county located in the North Carolina region of the United States. In Wake County, the Sheriff’s office is the central law enforcement power that elects the Sheriff for four years.

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Who Won the Elections?

Willie Rowe is announced as the final winner. However, there were a total of 10 contestants, including three Republicans and seven Democrats, who participated in the election.

The names of the seven democrats are as follows: 

  • Joe Coley, 
  • Randolph Baity, 
  • Gerald Baker (Former Sheriff), 
  • Tommy Mathews, 
  • Cedric Herring, 
  • Roy Taylor, and 
  • Willie Rowe.

The names of the three Republicans are given below: 

  • Donnie Harrison, 
  • David Blackwelder, and 
  • Tivon Howard.

It was an interesting competition of votes between the candidates in the Wake County Sheriff Election Results. The primary aim of Wake County’s Sheriff is to provide better law enforcement and judicial services to the citizens and visitors of the county.

Gerald Baker, the former Sheriff, also participated in the elections under the 7 Democratic candidates. However, Willie Rowe won the elections (in the Democratic Primary section) by about 5% votes from Gerald Baker. Cedric Herring and Roy Taylor stood at 16% and 15% of the total votes, respectively, while Joe Coley and Tommy Mathews shared a common vote of about 5% each.

On the other hand, Donnie Harrison (Former Sheriff) won among Republicans by 80% of the total votes.

Why Is the Wake County Sheriff Election 2022 Trending?

To become a Sheriff of Wake County, an individual must possess these four core values:

  • Good Moral Character. 
  • Transparency in their work.
  • Service Consistency.
  • Accountability of their services.

The Former Sheriff, Gerald Baker, was a Democrat elected in 2018. During his tenure of four years, he served his duties with honesty, sincerity and dedication. However, in 2020, he disappointed the citizens in handling the public protest, ‘Black Lives Matter’, which escalated a conflict situation in the county. 

As a result, there is hype among people about the result of the Wake County Sheriff Election 2022.  As we shared before, Willie Rowe (29.45% of the total votes) and Donnie Harrison (80% votes) won the Sheriff elections in 2022 under the Democratic and Republic fields, respectively. They are excitedly looking for their new Sheriff.


In today’s post, we informed our readers about the details of the Wake County Sheriff election and its results. We also managed to share a little detail on the background of a Wake County Sheriff. Please check this link to gain some more knowledge about the Sheriff Election.

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