Vzn Rebate Scam {Sep 2021} Get the Useful Information!

This article would help you know about the Vzn Rebate Scam and everything about the fraud text message.

Are you a frequent Verizon shopper? Do you love the rebates and discounts offered to customers? Have you come across a recent text message from Verizon giving a huge refund? Then read along this article to know about the truth behind the viral text message.

The rebate text message has spread like wildfire in the United States. It has been termed as Vzn Rebate Scam by various customers and subscribers of Verizon.

What is Verizon?

Verizon is global mobile communication and corporate giant under the hood of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Verizon is known chiefly to sell electronic products such as mobile phones, broadband, landlines, Televisions, etc. 

The company is mainly known for its exciting offers on iPhones immediately after its launch of new models. One other thing that Verizon is known for is its fantastic exchange offers on mobile phones and also special rebates for customers and shoppers. Verizon often communicates its repayments through telecommunications, and that led to many scams.

Vzn Rebate Scam – the criticisms of Verizon:

Recently, Google ran its Project Zero on Verizon and gave a somewhat negative certification to Verizon. According to researcher Tavis Ormandy, the security testing of Verizon proved to be more focused on graphic user interface rather than security. 

Also, the marketing strategies of Verizon through wireless telecommunication pose a threat of privacy and data leak. Verizon has also admitted that they use customer data to market new rebates and discounts through third-party communications.

In 2020, a scam from the company impacted a massive uproar in the United States when it claimed that it has been building the most potent 5G technology. 

Thank You For Your Payment Please Accept Our Special Rebate From Vzn Of $200– The new probable scam:

Those of you are unaware of the above text message. This message has been flashing on the cell phones of almost all Verizon customers who have a subscription to the Verizon newsletter. But the problem with the text message is that some customers have found it very suspicious. According to the customers, a massive company like Verizon will never give out such rebates of such enormous amounts.

This message also had a separate link that re-routed the customers to a different website where the customer details were required.

Verizon Rebate Scam– the true story:

Ever since various customers received the text message, the hype spread like wildfire in multiple communities of shoppers. According to a neutral website, the text message comes with an encoded link to a fraud website called coveringwforest.com. 

Once the customers click on the link, the cyber-criminals and the scammers get access to all the personal and transactional details of the victims and use it for phishing for the entire bank and other security details of the potential victims.


Therefore, as a conclusion, we can say that if you have received a fraud link of Vzn Rebate Scam, please refrain from engaging in it is a scam. Please get in touch with the company before engaging in such deals. You can know more about the Verizon Scam Message.  

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