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Vortoutlet Reviews (Nov 2021) Is This Scam Online Site?

Vortoutlet Online Website Reviews

Do you wish to get an additional 10% discount on your next shopping trip? Then permit us to identify a site’s legitimacy through the Vortoutlet Reviews.

Do you want regular inspiration from a prime website offering trendy fashion products? If yes, then grant us to deliver the important facts of a newly formed online site. 

Some people think that fashion is very important because it reflects the individual’s culture. Moreover, some experts have revealed that it adds color to our life that might bring desirable changes to our life. Thus, fashion enhances creativity and makes you look professional. 

So, in this article, we will unearth some vital facts of a website gaining curiosity in the United States, Germany, Chile, Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Spain, Puerto Rico, Romania, and all across the globe through surveying Vortoutlet Reviews

What is

Vortoutlet is an online shopping portal that targets female youths to sell their products, such as dresses. Moreover, they claim that every transaction made online over their website is 100% safe. Also, they use SSL encryption to build multiple protection layers for users against any undesirable activity, including transaction issues. 

So, it is seen that the site has included all the necessary security that may attract most buyers. First, however, let us evolve a few of the site’s items to understand the fact Is Vortoutlet Legit, as below:

  • Jumpsuits
  • Skirts
  • Tops
  • Jewelry
  • Pants 
  • Shoes
  • Sandals 
  • Handbags

Moreover, they have included a dedicated section for sale products with incredibly discounted prices. Thus, now, we will forward our research to the site’s information for detecting its authenticity. 

Characteristics Of The Website

  • PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, and Discover are the preferred payment modes offered by this site. 
  • sells women’s dresses and ornaments such as tops, skirts, jumpsuits, rings, bracelets, etc.
  • The buyer should apply for a refund within 30 days from the buying date. 
  • Vortoutlet Reviews have cited that after their management approves a refund, they will send a confirmation mail to notify you. However, refunds are credited within 1-2 business days into the user’s account. 
  • The website’s creation date is 19-10-2021; however, it will expire on 19-10-2022.
  • You can exchange your product within 30 days of purchase.
  • The URL to access this portal is
  • Against any query, you can mail them at
  • No contact number is found for this website; that seems untrustworthy. 
  • Address information is not seen over the site.
  • Considering the Vortoutlet Reviews, the Shipping method will consume 3-8 days via the USPS system.
  • Inactive Social media links are provided on the website.

Some Of The Advantages Of The Portal 

  • An email address is noticed on the site.
  • Some products are offered at a discounted price.
  • The website offers 10% off on the next purchase.
  • There is a presence of positive reviews on the website under some of the products. 

Some Of The Downsides Of The Website

  • Over the website, the delivery policy is not precisely mentioned. 
  • The social media icons are not working. 
  • The site imparts a low trust rank of 26.1/100; however, it possesses a low trust score of 1%. Thus, these facts are helping us to find- Is Vortoutlet Legit?
  • There are no reviews on Trustpilot. 
  • The office address and contact number are absent. 

Is Vortoutlet A Scam?

  • Domain Age- The domain is 21 days old.
  • Domain Expiry Date- The portal will expire on 19-10-2022
  • Trust score and rank- A low trust rank and score is seen for the website. 
  • Address originality- No address is mentioned. 
  • Policies- Most policies are included, but the explanations are not clear. 
  • Owner’s information- The founder’s name is unavailable. 
  • Social media icons- The icons of social media are present but are inactive. 
  • Reviews – There are negative reviews present over the web and positive reviews on the website.

Customers’ Vortoutlet Reviews

When we researched the site, we have not seen any buyer’s reaction on Trustpilot. Moreover, due to a low trust score and rank, people may not get attracted to them, leading to a steep decline in their publicity. Also, no social links are active on the site, which has failed to grab more attraction amongst online users. 

There are positive reviews mentioned on the website under some products, but we cannot trust these Vortoutlet Reviews

However, when we researched online, we found the most users have marked this site as worthless due to the absence of an office address and contact number.  Most of the people under video evaluations and reviewing portals are quoting this online site as a scam. Some people have also stated that they have not got confirmation of their order, and there is no answer-back from this site.

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The Final Talk

Post on Vortoutlet Reviews has highlighted the services offered by the site, including its products like jumpsuits. However, we have detected that this site has failed to earn popularity due to a low trust score and rank and absence in social media. 

However, the write-up has implied that it is a very new website; thus, we cannot conclude its legitimacy. But, based on the reviews available over the internet, we can say that this site is highly suspicious and a scam. So, we will recommend studying the site properly to prevent scams. Visit here if you spotted someone by PayPal scams.

Do you refer to this portal for buying stuff? Kindly tell your thoughts in the comment section. Moreover, you may read here more about the legitimacy of this online site

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Is Vortoutlet Legit (Nov 2021) Get Authentic Reviews!


  1. I can confirm based on my own experience, this website is in fact a SCAM. I made a purchase for $84.65. the transaction went to a PayPal account under the name TERRILEETER. please DO NOT buy anything from this site. it is fake and I was not able to get a refund or reverse the charge on PayPal or my Bank.

      1. You couldn’t get a refund because the Scam Artist provided a tracking number that confirmed the package was delivered, so call the courier and ask them what address was the package delivered to.

        What you will find out is that the shipment associated with that tracking number was not delivered to your address nor was it in your name. Call PayPal or your bank and let them know what the courier said and you should get a refund; they will also blacklist the sellers PayPal account

    1. To all those reading these comments, this seller is a SCAM, and is also scamming paypal. They provide a tracking number for a delivery to YOUR TOWN not your address. In my case it was actually a tracking number from Amazon, to an entirely different address. Took two days to straighten it out with PayPal, UPS, and Amazon, but all three stated that they are aware this seller is a scam, and I was able to get my money back. BE PERSISTENT with PayPal it takes a while but they finally get it. Jim Odekirk

  2. Fake Fraud Scam do not purchase from this site but i did get a refund after confirming with UPS that the delivery tracking number was not associated with my name or address

  3. Same here, this seems to be a SCAM. Made a purchase but never got confirmation of the order and have reached out with no answer back.

  4. Unfortunately, I did not see this review in time. I purchased a backpack from this site a week ago. It promised I would receive the item in 7 days but there was none of the usual thank you for your order email with shipping tracking.looking at my PayPal receipt the company name is registered in Chinese script, no mention of Vort outlet on the PayPal receipt. The site seems to have disappeared. Not sure what to do.

  5. I was taken in before I saw this website also. I will be getting ahold of Paypal since it was billed through them. I asked a few questions but never got a response from them either. Will be contacting PP shortly

  6. Just filed with paypal for a refund. Bought a gate opener at a discounted price, never got any shipping info . tried several times to contact them, no luck and no gate opener. Hopefully Paypal will refund my money.

    1. Much thanks to those that posted reviews above me! What this seller is doing, is providing a real trac
      king number to PayPal when you are trying to get a refund for a resolution, then Paypal denies your case because of the provided tracking number which shows a item delivered to YOUR TOWN. Because of the posters above mentioning that the UPS tracking number provided by the seller is not for Your address, after much work online and on the phone I was able to determine from UPS that the tracking number was not for my address. They also gave me information to contact Amazon, as the tracking number was for an Amazon package not the SCAM artist behind this site. 2 days work online and on the phone and I was finally able to convince PayPal that this seller is a Fraud and a Scam artist, and get a refund. Thanks again those that gave information about the bogus tracking number that saved the day for me, And yes, that which looks to good to be true probably is to good to be true. Jim Odekirk

  7. Same story as others have mentioned above. Made $106 purchase with no contact from seller but certainly a financial transaction was completed through PayPal! No product, no contact from website, nothing but loss of money. SCAM

    1. Hi Ryan, This is very sad to know and your loss is really loss for the whole buyer community. Try to find the website’s nature before shopping so that you can stay away from any scam. Take care.

    2. Ryan, read my note above, and recontact Pay Pal, be persistent, they are aware that this site is a Scam and if you have them check the provided tracking number which they can do! It will not be for YOUR ADDRESS and you will get a refund. I did Jim Odekirk

  8. I’m glad this page is here… The price seemed to be too good, and the site just doesn’t feel right. Thankfully I decided to google it. Thanks guys!

    1. Hi tony, Thank you for your appreciation, we always try to educate the buyers from the globe to understand the scam websites and stay away. So please spread about our website to your family and friends and keep coming. Stay safe.

  9. Most definitely a SCAM site. I goofed & ordered from the site. Received no confirmation email, no shipping email. No item received. No seller reply to emails or website inquiry. I used the website email through my personal email – it is undeliverable. I opened a dispute with PayPal but fake seller gave a tracking number for the package that indicated delivery so PayPal said case closed. I now have an open case with UPS, but I’m not expecting any resolution. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SCAMMER

    1. Go back to paypal, read my notes above, Have them check the tracking number be persistent, they are now aware this seller is a scam artist. Have them check the UPS tracking number for the real address. It wont be yours, and you will get a refund. But you have to be persistent with Paypal, keep filing complaints against this seller! They are now aware this is a scam.

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