Vomer Wordle {May} Wordle 320: What Is A Correct Answer?

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This news speaks about the five word letter that is based on ‘M’ as the center word for Vomer Wordle.

Have you answered the last puzzle of 5th March 2022? Do you know the answers that have been introduced on the basis of the new version by the New York Times? If not, then read below for more!

Players from Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States and India are more interested with the unlimited puzzle section which has introduced a 5 word letter with ‘M’ in between. Read below more about the specification and the list of five word letters on the official website with Vomer Wordle answer.

Is Vomer A New Version For Wordle Or An Answer For Wordle 320?

Wordle Vomer is not a new version nor the correct answer for the puzzle number 320! The puzzle number from 5th of April 2022 speaks about the 5 word letters that have ‘M’ in between. 

Based on the research it can be easily said that the correct answer for 5th April wordle is HOMER. The actual answer was HOMER and not VOMER. Read below more about the list that is similar to the five letter words of Vomer Wordle!

Hints for games of 5th April

The hint for puzzle are as mentioned below- 

  • The word should be of 5-letters
  • It has ‘m’ in third place.
  • NO Letter is repeated.
  • The word refers to a Greek author.
  • It is related to representatives of Iliad and Odyssey.

Although the answer for above 5th April, 320 number puzzle was ‘HOMER’.

Rules of the game

Wordle is one of the trending and famous games that have grown famous by the time. There are some of the rules that make the game more exciting and regulated. Vomer Wordle is one similar example that must be stopped. Follow the rules given below:-

  • Wordle games must include 5 letter words for their unlimited version.
  • One can only attempt 6 times to fill the space with the correct guess. 
  • The grey color change to green will help you know whether the guess is correct.  
  • The green, yellow, and grey tiles make it more interesting to know the concept.

List of five letter words that have ‘M’ in between

  • aimer
  • armer
  • comer
  • cimar
  • damar
  • dimer
  • demur
  • emmer
  • femur
  • fumer
  • gamer
  • homer
  • humor
  • jumar
  • lemur
  • lamer
  • mimer

Why is Vomer Wordle Trending?

The news is trending because the new section of words having msd centre world are getting famous for players. With the new edition of The New York Times, people are more engaged with answer checks on the official site!


In conclusion the news provides detail about the 5 word letters included in the centre position and their answers of Wordle. The list of words that have m in the centre
and are also mentioned on the official website can be used for the puzzles. 

However the answer for 5th of April was VOMER. Comment your answer for the 5th of April puzzle! Was the article useful about Vomer Wordle?

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