Voicemail Scam Text {Aug} Complete Useful Information!

Voicemail Scam Text {Aug} Complete Useful Information! >> If you are looking for the knowledge about the historical monuments, then read the below article.

Do you know how to block spam voicemail text? Do you also get ‘n’ numbers of calls and messages from the unknown? As technology is advancing, spammers are also getting innovative ways to fool people. There are many users targeted via Voicemail Scam Text in Australia, United Kingdom recently. To get every necessary detail, be with us.

What is Voicemail Scam Message?

Whenever you get spam text or call, your first intention should be to block them if you don’t recognize the numbers to avoid falling into the scams. But, nowadays, scammers, instead of calling on a number they have reached far ahead and found something innovative, “voicemail text,” to trap people.

Various network users reported that they had received a text message about a new voicemail. Also, the voicemail is followed by a link highlighted and saying to listen to voicemails.  Unfortunately, the hyperlink which they are sharing is a type of Voicemail Scam Text

How to block scam voicemail text?

In all cases, the notification is designed so that it looks like a legitimate one. But once you click the blue link, you will end up downloading malware and third-party Apps. However, blocking a voicemail text on your phone is a bit tricky. But here is something you can try doing:

  • Installing spam blocking apps:

There are n number of spam blocking Apps on play store; try installing but be careful as you give them full access to your contacts, file browser, etc.

  • Use Google Voice:

It provides a blocking feature to Voicemail Scam Text and calls. But you have to use the google voice app as the main calling app, and this number becomes your main number.

  • Try reaching your carrier:

All major service provider of telecom network offers spam blocking feature and can prevent spam and block calls from going to voicemail. To avail of this feature, sometimes you have to pay extra charges.

  • Manually blocking the number:

It is quite irritating, but you can try blocking each number that pops on your phone if you think it as a scam.

What to do if you unknowingly clicked Voicemail Scam Text?

There are chances that unknowingly, you clicked on the link of voicemail. There are some steps that you can do to avoid falling into the scam:

  1. Avoid entering the login credential to this unknown application.
  2. Reset your phone to the factory setting after taking the backups of essential data.
  3. Choose a safe reboot and uninstall the anonymous apps that you installed. 
  4. Chances are there that the same message is sent to your contacts too, so notify them.
  5. Change the password of the accounts associated with your mobile.


An innovation in phishing through voicemail or vishing try to steal your personal information.

And, Voicemail Scam Text is hard to distinguish from legitimate text. Moreover, it is not possible to avoid clicking on the links in many cases as it is a natural human tendency.

Stay alert and know more about the voice scams here:  

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