Voghion Reviews {Nov} Is This A Legitimate Website?

Please read all the facts related to Voghion Reviews, a shopping website selling casual wear, to know its authenticity.

Voghion.com is a website selling fashionable casual wear for women. Voghion.com is trying to establish itself in the fashion market Worldwide. After approximately one year from its launch, it still has low subscribers and customer reviews online. There were not many negative reviews spotted for Voghion.com. Hence, it may take more time to improve its trustworthiness in the market.

In this article, read about Voghion Reviews to know its authenticity for avoiding online fraud.


Voghion.com was launched by Voghion Pte. Ltd. specifically to sell casual wear for women. There is limited information about Voghion.com and Voghion Pte. Ltd. Voghion.com ships dresses internationally. Some of its luxurious dresses include:

  • Womens Plaid Shirt Jacket
  • Tweed Blazer Vintage Jacket
  • Pu Faux Leather Loose Blazer Coat
  • Summer Sleeveless Tank Maxi Dress
  • Flared Sleeve Square Neck Lace Mini Dress, Etc.


  • Buy dresses at: https://www.Voghion.com.
  • Social media Links: Mentioned and working.
  • Price: the minimum price of the dress begins from €5.94
  • Physical Address: Voghion.com did not include a physical address that checks Is Voghion Legit?
  • Customer Reviews and blogs: Voghion.com did not feature blogs but, customer reviews were present.
  • Terms and Conditions: Plagiarism was found in terms of use.
  • Privacy policy: Plagiarism was found in cookies policies.
  • Phone (or) Whatsapp number: Voghion.com did not mention contact numbers.
  • Store locator: Voghion.com does not facilitate searching its physical stores.
  • Delivery: The dresses are delivered in fifteen to twenty days by Voghion.com.
  • Shipping: Voghion.com has two to five days of order processing time.
  • Tracking: Estimated Time of Arrival and the tracking number will be informed via email. It is considered to check Is Voghion Legit?
  • Return Policy: The customer needs to contact customer support to get a return authorization generally sent within fourteen days. 
  • Refunds: If dresses are in original condition, they will qualify for a refund, and a confirmation email will be sent about the refund.
  • Email address: customer@voghion.sg.
  • Mode of Payment: via Amex, BC, Dinners Club, Discover, NETS, FamilyMart, JCB, Lawson, Master Card, PayPal, PRZ24, 7Eleven and Visa in Euros.
  • Newsletters: Voghion.com delivers newsletters to its subscribers via email.
  • Owner’s details: Voghion.com did not disclose the owner’s information.


  • A 10% extra discount on your first purchase and an additional 20% discount via voucher.
  • Free shipping by Voghion.com on orders more than 49€
  • Voghion Reviews discovered that Voghion.com hosts thousands of fashionable and casual women’s dresses


  • There are not many disadvantages of shopping from Voghion.com except that it features products available on other websites at competent prices.

Is Voghion.com Legitimate?

  • Voghion.com Creation: 19th January 2021 at 07:00:00 AM.
  • Voghion.com Expiry: 19th January 2023 at 07:00:00 AM.
  • Voghion.com Age: 1 year and 19 days old.
  • Trust Index: Voghion.com had scored a poor trust ranking of 33%.
  • Alexa ranking: a medium ranking on Alexa of 628,815.
  • Place of origin: The United Stare is the COO for Voghion.com
  • Status of Blacklisting: Any of the black listing engines did not blacklist Voghion.com.
  • Voghion Reviews on Suspicious Websites Proximity: A negative highlight as Voghion.com got 44/100.
  • Threat Profile: A negative highlight as Voghion.com got 25/100.
  • Phishing Score: A negative highlight as Voghion.com got 25/100.
  • Malware Score: A negative highlight as Voghion.com got 10/100.
  • Spam Score: A negative highlight as Voghion.com got 20/100.
  • Connection Security: via HTTPS protocol.
  • Contact person: No specific point of contact was found on Voghion.com.
  • Social relations: Instagram and Facebook include social media pages of Voghion.com with more than 1,320 followers.
  • Owner’s contact: Voghion.com did not disclose contact details of the owner.

Customers Voghion Reviews:

Two reviews on Facebook give a 5-star rating, and three reviews on Trustpilot give a 3.4/5 rating. One website review was found on YouTube suggesting Voghion.com as potentially legitimate. Ten reviews on Google Play Store stands at 2.5/5 stars. 

There were several positive website reviews for Voghion.com on the internet. There are fewer product reviews present on Voghion.com. As all reviews on Voghion.com are positive, they are not reliable.

All the negative reviews about Voghion.com were related to delayed delivery and orders not received. As Voghion.com authorizes PayPal, Read About PayPal Rackets.


Voghion Reviews concludes that Voghion.com is POTENTIALLY a legitimate website but has a poor Trust Score. It has a considerable suspicious profile, so it is not safe for user’s privacy. Voghion.com is suggested for experienced e-commerce users that are conscious of online fraud. Therefore, Read About Credit Card Rackets. Please consider your options as you can get the same dresses at competent prices from highly trustworthy websites.

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