Vivaia Shoes Shop Reviews {Aug} Is This A Legit Website?

Vivaia Shoes Shop Online Website Reviews

Do you want to purchase attractive shoes? Hope you will connect with the same type of Vivaia Shoes Shop Reviews.

Do you want to like to wear stylish heels and sandals? There are so many podiums available as an ecommerce portal that offers a variety of the collection of items Worldwide. So people can easily approach the podiums and buy the products according to your time suitability.

Vivaia Shop is selling a variety of footwear for the girls and womens, so you can try here if you are looking for the same. For more detailing and its description, you must visit Vivaia Shoes Shop Reviews.

What is Vivaia Shoes Portal?

Vivaia Shoes Portal is a shop for footwear searchers who wants an attractive shoe at reasonable prices Worldwide. Vivaia Shoes Portal offers a variety of shoes, and there is no need to pay any extra charges as a shipping fee after a few ranges, so you can read all the required aspects on the webpage.

It has mentioned maximum links on the portal so that you can go through them for your safety. In the case of online shopping, you have to take care of the reality of the podium:  Is Vivaia Shoes Shop Legit or Scam?

Specifications For Vivaia Shoes Portal        

  • Vivaia Shoes Portal’s URL is
  • Vivaia Shoes Portal email address:
  • The location available on the webpage about the office: Hollywood Plaza, Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
  • Vivaia Shoes Portal not providing the newsletter facilities.
  • Vivaia Shoes Portal claims the best portal for footwear in a reasonable amount.
  • Vivaia Shoes Portal have the logs for social networking website like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • It has shared the shipping policy according to different countries.
  • There are reviews available of Vivaia Shoes Shop Reviews from user side on their platform but it was difficult to find the reviews from other platforms.
  • Vivaia Shoes Portal shared the return and exchange policy (one can exchange within 30 days of purchase).
  • Vivaia Shoes Portal accepts the payment online by different methods.
  • You can also get the products in free shipping charges but there are some terms and conditions applied.

What are the Benefits of Buying the Items From Vivaia Shoes Portal?

  • Vivaia Shoes Portal claims the best podium for shoes and attractive footwear.
  • Vivaia Shoes Shop Reviews has shared all policy link on the website so you can go through it. 
  • Vivaia Shoes Portal have communication details on the webpage, so users can reach to them means customers care facility is available.

What are the Disbenefits of Buying the Items From Vivaia Shoes Portal?

  • There is no feedback available anywhere about Vivaia Shoes Portal, so we can not verify the podium.
  • Vivaia Shoes Portal have no traffic, publicity and popularity on social media.
  • Vivaia Shoes Portal have a very mismanaged website. No content is visible.

 Is Vivaia Shoes Shop Legit or Not?

  • Vivaia Shoes Portal has created on 07/06/2000, very old podium.
  • Vivaia Shoes Portal will close later on 07/06/2026.
  • We could not get any points about the founder of the company.
  • Vivaia Shoes Portal is having trust index, i.e. 26 percent. 
  • There is no traffic on the social networking portals and also no reviews extant anywhere about Vivaia Shoes Portal.
  • It has used the fake content on the portal and also plagiarized.
  • The Social media account does not seem to be working.

So, we observe that the podium looks scam due to the absence of most of the required points in the long duration as it is an old podium in the online era.

Shopper’s Vivaia Shoes Shop Reviews Feedback

Vivaia Shoes Portal sells products that look attractive and designer, and also the range is very affordable for the middle-class public. But for our safety, we must check the reviews by the past users but on the website or trustworthy podium, no feedback lines available about Vivaia Shoes Portal. 

Thus, it is hard to wind up the reality of the podium. Only reviews on their website were present but it doesn’t appear to be legit. Please check how to make shelter on your money from paypal.

Final Thoughts

In the last of the article, we can say it is an old Vivaia Shoes Shop Reviews has no shopper’s feedback extant and claims a minimal item like shoes, footwear etc. due to the absence of the proper points we can conclude that the site is appears suspicious. So first, you must touch on the points by which you can save your amount from a credit card.

Want to shop from this portal? Please put your views in the below box if you have any items from the Vivaia shoe portal.

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