Vishal Garg Net Worth {Dec} Know His Estimated Earning!

This post discusses Vishal Garg, the CEO of, who fired hundreds of employees at once, and Vishal Garg Net Worth.

Do you know the CEO Vishal Garg, who fired hundreds of employees over a zoom call? Would you like to know more about him? If yes, stick to us. 

Vishal Garg made Worldwide headlines this week when he fired more than 900 employees in just over one zoom call. This event has made people curious about him and his net worth. So, in this post, we will discuss Vishal Garg, Vishal Garg Net Worth, and how he went viral. 

Who is Vishal Garg? 

Vishal Garg is the CEO of Garg was born in India and grew up in the United States. Garg founded MyRichUncle, an online lender, for students, upon graduating from New York University. 

As per his LinkedIn page, he previously co-founded One Zero Capital, an investment firm focusing on establishing and financing firms at the intersection of consumer finance, tech, and internet marketing. Garg founded in 2014, and he has been its CEO since the beginning.

Let us discuss, the company in which Vishal Garg is the CEO, before knowing Vishal Garg Net Worth

About is a mortgage provider that offers a totally online procedure that includes rates, mortgage pre-approvals, and tools. The company was founded by Vishal Garg. Their services by are accessible at all times.

Users of generally obtain pre-approval within minutes and may conclude mortgages or loans for as little as three weeks because of the variety of mortgage alternatives offered. is a rapidly growing homeownership and mortgage firm in the United States. The company has risen by more than 400% since 2020. Currently, is an American unicorn with a valuation of $7.7 billion. 

What is Vishal Garg Net Worth?

Vishal Garg’s net worth is projected to be at least $1 billion. While a precise record of Vishal Garg’s financial position is not available publicly right now, the CEO is thought to have a massive financial position.

According to some accounts, Garg’s net worth is over $4 billion. He founded, which is worth around $7.7 billion. 

In terms of personal earning, Garg earned a $25 million cash bonus for the holidays in 2020. Also, Garg allegedly invested $10 million into AlphaFlow, a website that deals with real estate investment debt, in November 2020.

Now that we know about Vishal Garg Net Worth let us discuss how Vishal Garg went viral.

How did Vishal Garg go viral?

Vishal Garg allegedly dismissed over 900 workers during a Zoom conversation on Wednesday, 1st December 2021. As per some reports, 90% of employees at have been laid off through the zoom call.

The Zoom call of Vishal Garg went viral, making him famous overnight. People were amazed by the CEO’s actions, and many people heavily criticized his decision on social media. 


Vishal Garg’s actions are not justified. He laid off hundreds of employees on a Zoom call. The only relief point for the employees is receiving their benefits from Visit this News website to know more.  

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