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The following article has provided updates regarding the Video Rebecca Klopper YouTube. Additionally, we possess relevant details about the outcome of this case.

How Rebecca did becomes part of the revenge video. Rebecca has become a topic to talk about all over the Internet. The news about her video has spread over the Internet, and people on YouTube are not leaving her alone. 

However, what is the story behind this attention that Rebecca Klopper is getting? To provide all the information about her video, we have brought this Article for our readers. In this article, you will learn about the Video Rebecca Klopper YouTube and her controversial video.

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Why Is Rebecca Klopper YouTube Video Getting Viral?

Rebecca Koppler’s video has taken the Internet by storm, quickly gaining popularity online. Its explicit nature is the main factor behind its viral status on Twitter. With distinct features, numerous people have recognized the girl in the video as Rebecca. 

The video’s immense popularity has resulted in widespread sharing across various platforms, prompting those who have not seen it to seek it out actively. Lasting for 47 seconds on Tiktok, the explicit video has been downloaded by many individuals to distribute it to a wider audience.

As this video reached a wider audience, many people posted videos on this incident on YouTube just for the views. However, as Explicit content cannot be posted on YouTube, many YouTubers are cutting the explicit part and using her picture as clickbait to get the public’s attention.

Who do people think is behind the Telegram viral video?

Fadly Faisal, the alleged former partner of Rebecca Koppler, is speculated to be the person who recorded the video. Journalists approached him and his father, Haji Faisal, seeking their response regarding the circulating 47-second explicit video resembling Rebecca Klopper. Haji Faisal suspected an intentional effort to tarnish his family’s reputation and questioned the video’s origin and ownership. 

He highlighted the potential for manipulative edits to damage their standing. Haji Faisal refrained from commenting, expressing uncertainty about the video’s source, and requested confirmation before forming an opinion. Fadly Faisal’s father admitted not having viewed the video yet and expressed surprise at the situation.

How people identified Rebecca by Viral On Reddit video?

As per some individuals’ explanations, judging from the female performer’s facial appearance, it becomes apparent that the resemblance is similar and remarkably identical. People emphasized that the mole on the woman’s stomach is one of the distinguishing characteristics that further reinforces the connection to Rebecca. 

They clarified that moles in various visible spots are an additional reference point for confirming the person’s identity. However, the individual involved can provide the ultimate confirmation or denial regarding the presence of moles in that specific region. Consequently, whether the girl in the video is indeed Rebecca arises.

What did Nama Asli Rebecca Klopper‘s lawyer say about the man in the video?

Fadly Faisal’s name also was implicated as rumors circulated about an alleged affair with Rebecca Klopper. In response, Rebecca Klopper’s attorney spoke out, adding intrigue to the situation. During an encounter with the media, Sandy Arifin, representing Rebecca Klopper, verified that the person in the provocative video resembles his client, not Fadly Faisal. 

Friday, May 26, 2023, He said they had presented evidence to the authorities. Now, it is the police’s responsibility to clarify the identities at the South Jakarta Religious Court. He also answered if the person was Fadly, and he denied it by saying He was not Haji Faisal’s son in the Youtube Video.

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Rebecca has filed a complaint about the explicit viral video. Soon the court will take a judgment on it.


Do you think someone knew what was behind this mess? Comment down your views about this situation in the comment below.

Rebecca Klopper Video Watch Viral Information (FAQ)

1-Who did Rebecca Klopper report to regarding spreading a video resembling her face?

A- @dedekugem 

2- When did she report the user?

A-She reported the user on May 22, 2023.

3-Who is being assumed to be the figure in the video, based on the information provided?

A-Based on the information given, the figure in the video is assumed to be Rizky Pahlevi, who is Rebecca Klopper’s ex-boyfriend.

4-When did Rebecca Klopper and Rizky Pahlevi end their relationship?

A-she ended the relationship in 2021 after being together since 2017.

5- Who helped to report the owner of the Twitter account @dedekgemes?

A-The power of attorney from RAPK alias RK reported the owner of the Twitter account @dedekgemes for alleged criminal acts.

6-What were the specific allegations made against the owner of the Twitter account


A-The specific allegations were for intentionally and without rights distributing, and transmitting private content.

7- Is the video still on Instagram?

A- No

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