Viancr com Reviews [Aug] Is It The Legit Business?

Viancr com Reviews [Aug] Is It The Legit Business? >> Read the content to know about the e-commerce business of various products.

Have you heard of any website which can full fill your need for the latest dresses as well as necessary home appliances? If not, then we are happy to present you with a website which deals in both. Especially if you are an online shopping enthusiast and love to buy everything from online platforms, in this fast running world where everyone is in a rush and time is everything. 

Its good to have such an option available. Many websites are available in the United States at one’s fingertips. But we will analyse Viancr com Reviews to provide you with a better understanding of this site.

What is Viancr com?

Viancr is a popular e-commerce business, dealing in various things such as Dresses, electrical appliances, jewellery, kitchen appliances etc. This website is in online business since 2018. While online shopping, legitimacy is a key factor that can make any online business popular nationally and internationally. 

That’s the power of the internet. While shopping from their site, you can find attractive dresses and, most useful home appliances, a powerful feature. But Is Viancr com Legit? Let’s find out.

Specification of Viancr com

  • URL –
  • Domain age: Less than one month 
  • Email–viancr@outlook.comAddress–3234 oakwood street, Portage, Indiana,46368, US
  • Registration date of domain– 15th July 2021
  • Contact no. —+12054401219
  • Social media presence – Not available
  • Return policy – 30 days return policy is available
  • Refund Policy– Refund will be credited within few days after proper checking of returned product
  • Payment methods –PayPal, visa cards and master cards
  • Shipping time– Within 72 Hours

Pros of Jennifer Boutiques

  • Website is SSL Certified 
  • Wide range of products available

Cons of Jennifer Boutiques

  • Trust score of just 55 given by scam adviser
  • Viancr com Reviews not available any were on the digital world
  • Dubious return policy 
  • The owner uses free Web email
  • The age of the domain is quite short, which is hard to ignore, and it does weaken its trust factor
  • Expensive products. Some of their products are overpriced as compared to others in market demand.
  • No social media presence which is questionable 
  • They offer shipping service in the USA only and don’t ship their products outside of the US.
  • Delivery time is interminable. As per their claim, it takes 10-22 days to deliver the product.

Is Viancr com Legit?

Before discussing the above point, let us throw light on one thing. Since we have started to explore this site, we haven’t found any positive points. Therefore, below are some checkpoints which you should read before buying from this site. 

  • The age of their domain is not even one month old.
  • Scam adviser has rated this website with just a 55% of trust score. 
  • Their delivery time is tiresome. No one would like to wait for 10-22 days for their product to arrive. So someone who doesn’t have patience should ignore this website.
  • While searching for Viancr com Reviews, we didn’t found anything.
  • Very wide range of products are available on their website.

After reading this article till now, only one thing appears in our mind: this site is mistrustful, and there are quite high chances of getting scammed if you shop from there.

What are Viancr com Reviews?

So many frauds are happening nowadays that trust is the only factor a buyer looks for in any online shopping portal. Especially from such a newly formed domain, its hard to trust them. Since they have no social media presence and no customer reviews, that’s where this article will come in handy for the people who loves online shopping. 

This website cause suspicion on every point we discuss, whether its their refund policy or shipping policy. Many such sites are available all over the digital platform, which comes online for a short period and then vanishes.

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Viancr com Reviews, which we have discussed quite thoroughly, takes us to the only decision that its difficult to shop from this site, and they are a real cause of concern for modest  buyers like you. But if still someone has got too much attracted by their products, one should wait for some authentic customer reviews before purchasing from their website. 

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