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We must honour our nation’s military veterans and officials for their selfless sacrifice. Read this article to know information on Veterans Day Wiki 2021.

As we all know, military service is a proud service for the nation. We, the people, feel secure inside our nation because of veterans’ selfless service and sacrifice.

Veterans Day is marked to convey respect and recognition of the immense service of veterans in the field of Armed Forces service. In this article, we are going to explain all the facts and history of Veterans Day. So now, the people from the United States are all set to celebrate Veterans Day. Know here about Veterans Day Wiki 2021.

Veterans Day:

Veterans Day is celebrated and is a special day dedicated to veterans of the Armed Forces. Many Military veterans were discharged from their duties under conditions other than dishonourable.

The day is celebrated on November 11th in the United States. Every year it is also noted as Armistice Day.


Veterans Day is earlier known as Armistice Day. World War 1 was known as ‘The Great War,’ which ended in 1919 in Versailles, France. The firing ended eight months before and, after a few months on November 11th, was declared as the first anniversary of the end of World War 1.

Now the Veterans Day Wiki 2021 coincides with other holidays like Memorial Day and Remembrance Day.  

However, Congress in 1926 observed annually and in 1938 announced National holiday on November 11th and celebrated it as Veterans Day, a day of paying tribute to all American veterans living and dead. This day is also Thanksgiving Day for living veterans who served the country during the war for peace.

The day is also honoured as the ‘eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month,’ which signalled the end of World War 1 in 1918. In 1954, Armistice Day was changed to Veterans Day by the President, Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Veterans Day Wiki 2021:

Other countries like Canada, Europe, Britain, France, and Australia also celebrate Veterans Day on the same day, i.e., November 11th, or near it. These countries called the day Remembrance Day or Memorial Day and Remembrance Sunday on the second Sunday of November. In addition, there is a National holiday on Veterans Day.

This year 2021, the country citizens are set to pay tribute to military men and women who served their country. Military people, one among all, are parents, children, friends, neighbours of their communities.

We have checked the history of Veterans Day. According to sources, as per Veterans Day Wiki 2021, around 19 million living veterans of World War 1 served, and 11% are women. During the Vietnam War, 5.9 million served, 7.8 million served in the Gulf War. So out of 16 million Veterans in World War 1, around 240,000 were still alive. The national ceremony is held every year at Arlington National Cemetery. The ceremony starts at 11 A.M with a parade and is followed by multiple award-giving functions.

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Final Verdict:

After discussing Veterans Day in detail, the Veterans Day Wiki 2021 article says this day is to honour military men and women who served for their nation. Veterans Day is a federal holiday, and on this day, banks, post offices, schools, and many will close to honour veterans and duty officials.

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