Verizon Free Message Scam (March 2022) Beware Of The Scam!

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The guide shares details about the new Verizon Free Message Scam that is targeting many consumers in America.

Scammers are targeting mobile phone users across the United States via scam text messages and emails. Verizon is the famous mobile network provider in America, and it has millions of users across the nation.

Scammers are targeting Verizon users by sending them scam text messages claiming to offer them a reward and free gifts as compensation for weak and poor signals last month. Other similar scam text messages are sent to users claiming to offer rewards for paying their last month’s bills.

Users are concerned and want to know more details about Verizon Free Message Scam.

What is Verizon Message Scam?

Verizon message scam is the new text message scam circulating and bothering many Verizon users across the United States. Scammers are sending scam text messages to random users of the Verizon network across the states. 

The scam message comprises the recipient’s name and a suspicious link. The message claims to offer them free gifts and rewards as compensation for the weak and poor network signals in Sept 2021. 

Similar scam messages are also delivered to users asking them to click on the suspicious link to submit their details and claim rewards for bill payments last month. 

How Does the Verizon Free Message Scam Look?

The scam text messages appear to come from reputable network providers, like Verizon. It addresses the recipients by their name, and it is due to the leaked data of users. It also makes the message look genuine. 

The message reads, “Verizon Free Message: Sorry for the Signal Issues on 15th September, “Recipient Name!” Here’s is Little Compensation for you. It comprises a suspicious link at the end, and users are asked to click the link to claim the rewards and gifts. 

However, users must not click or follow any link that comes with the Verizon Free Message Scam. The message comes with an unknown number “1860-996-2595.”

It reads “Thanks for your Payment” Please Accept the Special rebate of $200 by Clicking the Link Below.  

What Has Verizon Done to Aware Users?

Verizon is aware of the new phishing scam text message targeting loyal Verizon consumers. The scam text message attracts the consumers and redirects them to the third-party websites to steal their information or inject viruses into their system. 

Verizon will never send email or text messages asking for personal or account information. So, if any consumer receives such a text message, they must ignore the Verizon Free Message Scam and delete it. Here are a few crucial steps that Verizon asks their consumer to do.

  • Never respond to the email or scam text messages
  • Never click on the random links
  • Don’t open or click on the attachments 
  • Don’t share any data or personal information on the third-party website      


Phishing text scams are getting popular and targeting many loyal consumers on mobile network providers. Verizon consumers are complaining about the phishing text scams that are claiming to offer rewards for poor signals. However, there is no official confirmation from Verizon about free rewards for poor signals. 

So, users must ignore the Verizon Free Message Scam. Plus, learn the tips on how to protect yourself from a scam.          

Are you a Verizon user and received phishing text messages? Then, please mention in the comment section what steps you have taken to report them.

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