How Does Vaping Affect Your Overall Health?

Vapes came out in 2003 as an alternative to cigarettes and have become a fashion in 2022. Many teenagers see vaping as a ‘cool’ activity, which helped it become a market of 3.5 billion dollars just in the UK. According to the Office for National Statistics, around 6.9 million people in the UK vape almost regularly. 

Vapes are often advertised as a healthy activity, and most people believe it without doing any of their own research. This article has discussed some research-based facts about the effects of dry herb vape on the overall health of its consumers.  

Healthier Alternative to Smoking 

Vaping is healthy, but only for people who vape to quit smoking. 

You might have heard that vaping improves breathing, blood circulation, and sense of taste, but it’s just not true. 

These aren’t the benefits of vaping but quitting smoking. 

Vaping is better than smoking, but it has no health benefits to offer. Its smoke is cooler, there is no tar in it, and you can control the amount of nicotine with a vape. Moreover, you don’t inhale any harmful chemicals found in the smoke of burned tobacco. 

Overuse Can Cause Lung Issues

Too much of anything is bad, and the same is the case with vapes. It won’t cause many issues if you don’t vape too often. However, vaping too much can make way for issues such as lung cancer. 

There might not be any tar in it, but there are chemicals such as nickel, diacetyl, and tin that aren’t very friendly to the lungs. If you are just getting started with vaping and do it too often, there is a chance that you might experience coughing, fatigue, and nausea. 

A vape works in a similar way as a nebulizer, but you deliver a mist of nicotine to your lungs instead of the medicine. Depending on the liquid you use, your lungs can get coated with THC and other chemicals. 

Make sure you study the ingredients of the liquid before you start inhaling it. 

Nicotine Can Affect Gums

Nicotine is an addictive substance that has been proven harmful to health. 

In some cases, excessive use of nicotine can reduce the supply of nutrition and blood to the gums. Damaged gums can also pave the way for other oral issues. We need healthy bacteria in our cavity for oral health, and vaping can destroy them.

Make sure you use good toothpaste every day to keep your teeth and gums healthy and avoid vaping when you have mouth blisters or any other oral pain. 

Nicotine-Free Vapes are Safer

You can avoid most of the health issues associated with vaping simply by reducing or removing the use of nicotine. The vape or its smoke itself isn’t harmful; if there are any issues, they lie with the nicotine.

It would be difficult to let go of nicotine if you are switching from smoking. Try gradually decreasing the amount of nicotine you consume until you can enjoy vaping without it. 

If you are not a smoker and occasionally vape just for fun, it’s recommended that you don’t get yourself used to nicotine. Vaping is just as fun without nicotine if you are not addicted to it. 

Developing Brains Can Get Addicted

Vaping might not be as harmful as smoking cigarettes, but it’s not something a kid should be consuming. Research has shown that teenagers are particularly interested in vaping and nicotine has a negative impact on developing brains. Many even use THC liquid with vapes, which is psychoactive. 

They are more likely to get addicted and it can lead to mood disorders. Some other possible issues can include:

  • Reduced impulse control
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Narrowed arteries

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