Valorant Range Not Working {Jan} All New Updates Here!

Valorant Range Not Working has given information on shooter game updates and cleared the air on shooting range closure.

The recent update by Riot games has a lot of good news for Valorant players as patch four is coming shortly. Its recent update is also causing many problems to players in Canada and the United States as their shooting ranges are not working.

Riot games have a lot of video gaming products in the market, but Valorant is its latest release, and players are happy with it. 

The disabling of shooting ranges has created a lot of problems for players. To know more about Valorant Range Not Working, keep reading it till the end.

About Valorant Video Game:

Valorant is a free-to-play shooter video game developed by Riot games and was released in 2020. It has around twelve million average active players per month, and it has maintained players’ interest for a long time.

The gameplay consists of attackers and defenders, and each team can have five players, and they have to play their role in the respective group. 

Each player starts with a simple pistol weapon, and they can purchase more weapons with the game in currency.

The game also has agents from different cultures and can play four different roles.

Valorant Range Not Working:

The recent update by Riot games has informed about the release of patch 4, but most player shooting ranges have stopped working. In its social media update, Developer said that they have stopped shooting range and custom games mode in North America, Brazil, and Latin American countries.

According to the developer, most of the players are in shooting and custom mode, which causes a problem in the match-making queues. The match-making queues have started for episode 4, and the company was facing a lot of trouble in doing it.

The shooting range and custom mode are free services that allow players to adjust to the game. Valorant Range Not Working is not the permanent decision by the developers, and once episode 4 is in operation, they may start it again.

What can players get in the new update of the Valorant game?

There is talk of a new agent joining the game, and it will be available to players in episode four. Patch 4 will have a new map, new agent, and rebalanced weaponry for players of Valorant. We have listed below the latest update in patch 4.

  • Neon has finally joined the game, and she will be available to players once they complete Tier 5 level in the game.
  • Valorant Range Not Working believes that the special abilities of Neon like Relay bolt, Fast lane, overdrive, and high gear will help players in attacking mode.
  • Ares’s firing rate is increased from 10 to 13.
  • The penalty rate on Guardian is removed for down sight aiming.
  • Some minor changes have also been made in Bind Maps.

Final verdict:

Players should see the official patch note on the company site  to know more about the new update in episode 4. The shutdown of shooting range and custom mode is a temporary step, and they will be back soon.

Players can share their thoughts on new updates in the comment section of Valorant Range Not Working.

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