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People are interested in knowing about Valesca Siblings, Eduardo if he was still alive. We have discussed everything here in this post.

Have you heard the incredible story of the Valseca family? Have you watched the sneak video of this true incident that will release this week?

Eduardo was kidnapped date back in 2007, and the abductor asked high amount in return which his family was unable to pay. But later on, the family moved to the United States. Let us discuss Valesca Siblingswhere they are now and their experiences.

Who are all there in the Valesca family?

The Valseca family resides happily in their home. But one tragedy changed their lives, as described in the episodes titled The Ranch. Yesterday, the Valscea children shared their terrifying story of the kidnapped days on NBC Dateline.

It was 2007 June when Valseca dropped his kids at school and wanted to return home as usual. However, he could not as he was abducted on the way home, leaving his wife and three kids behind. At that time, Nayah, the youngest sibling of Eduardo Valseca, was six years old, Fernando, the oldest of all siblings, was only twelve, and Emiliano was 7.

At present, Fernando lives in Colorado and works for a photography company. Nayah likes to travel to different places.

Where is Eduardo now?

Eduardo managed to survive even after the torture of the kidnappers as they demanded $8 million, and his family was not in the condition to pay such huge demands. His wife managed to settle for less than $1 million. After the incident occurred, the family relocated to Maryland. Eduardo is still alive and taking care of his kids.

What about Jayne Rager Valseca Eduardo’s wife?

Jayne was strong and valiantly battled the husband’s kidnapping incident. However, from the inside, she was struggling with something big.

She was suffering from stage 4 cancer and wanted to give up, but with the family support, she survived 4 more years. Unfortunately, in May 2012, she left her family behind forever. She was only 45.

She founded Waldorf School and was the credited creator of Stella(1990), Dateline NBC (1992), and We have your husband (2001). Moreover, after the kidnapping incident, she also advocated for victims of similar incidents in Mexico.

Valesca Siblings said that her mother loved them very much. She brought an audio playing teddy bear for them and used to record and play some messages for them. Moreover, they also mentioned that their mother, Jayne, tried every cancer treatment available but could not be saved.


Through The Ranch Episode Dateline, NBC memorizes a 15-year-old incident of the Valesca family. Children describe the incident and where they are, and how they managed their life during that time. You can watch the complete details here.  

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