Vacation Rental Inventory Checklist

Hosts use a vacation rental inventory checklist to make sure all the items in their home stay after a tourist leaves and to get the home ready for the following guest. It is really challenging to keep account of all the various items your house requires without it. This kind of checklist is also perfect for giving to your cleaning company so that they can quickly determine what your home has and what it doesn’t.

The following list of supplies for a vacation rental must be on your inventory list of requirements:


Making a kitchen menu for a vacation property is essential since there are numerous small items to remember. In your checklist of kitchen inventory items, add the aforementioned:

  • Aromatics and condiments
  • Tea and espresso
  • Dishes of superior quality that are exceptionally durable and dishwasher safe
  • Child-friendly foods 
  • Mugs and glasses 
  • The kettle and coffee maker
  • Cooking utensils
  • Food preservation containers
  • chopping block
  • Dumpster and garbage bags
  • Toilet paper and cleaning supplies
  • Soap for dishwashing with a sponge

Even while many holiday rental houses lack utilities like toilet tissue and seasonings, your guests will appreciate these additions. You may improve your guests’ stay at your home by catering to their needs in the kitchen and helping them feel better at home when preparing meals.


The bedroom is the area that has the greatest impact on how comfortable guests feel. You want to establish a setting in this room that will encourage sound sleep. When you have a Vacation rental inventory checklist for bedrooms, you ought to possess the following:

  • Sheets with a high thread count and luxurious bed linens
  • Outstanding pillows
  • Extra blankets
  • Additional garment hangers
  • Heavy drapes screen away the early light.
  • Alarm time
  • Lamps and nightstands
  • Cooling via ceiling fan or wall unit


The significance of hygiene in the bathroom cannot be overstated. Further than this, clients to your restroom will look forward to the following:

  • Hand towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Hand soap
  • Bath and facial soap
  • Small trash containers and waste bags

Even though it’s likely that your guests will bring their own amenities, you should make certain that you keep all of these supplies on hand. You can provide feminine hygiene products, shaving lotion, blades, and toothpaste and brush to go above and beyond the requirements of the typical visitor.

Living Room

Even while it’s unlikely that your guests will invest a lot of in the sitting room, you must still make sure it’s spacious and appealing. They may need additional sleeping arrangements in the living room, so be prepared.

  • Sofas and seating
  • TV (with a functional remote)
  • Entertainment system
  • Décor (artwork, frames, vases) 
  • Coffee table with side tables
  • Illumination and lamps
  • Optional visitor perks


These suggestions are intended as a starting point for creating your own vacation rental inventory checklist. The article advises that you do an inventory check promptly after the departure of each visitor. You can guarantee that everything fulfils your visitors’ expectations and obtain positive feedback by periodically evaluating your property.

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