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If you are interested in the world of UX, you should not lose sight of the role of a UX Writer. But who is it? What does it do? “Would he help me to write my paper?” – students would ask. What should we study to become one? In this article, we solve these questions so you can start your career as a UX Writer.

A UX Writer, what is it?

The words in an interface are much more important than we think. A single word can mean a significant increase or decrease in sales, which implies that we are talking about the user experience on a platform and the response in sales.

UX writing is designing the words users see when interacting with web pages, applications, and other digital products and services.

UX Writer is the professional responsible for writing statements and texts of a digital product. The intentionality of the content will be made by thinking about the needs of the user and the company.

In other words, the UX Writer is the professional in charge of the user experience to create clear and simple interactions.

The UX writer can help the user understand how an interface is composed and guide them along the way;

increase visits or web users; 

create targeted content for diverse audiences; 

regulate the voice, tone, and style of the brand and give personality to the product.

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What does the a UX Writer or User Experience Writer do?


It is first necessary to carry out previous research to write a good text. The target audience must be perfectly known, so the most interesting and value-added information must be gathered. The better you know your audience’s needs, the easier it will be to meet their expectations.


The second task will be to write an interesting text using all the information gathered in the research. The content must be attractive, eye-catching, creative and, of course, provide value to whoever will finally read the message.


The UX Writer must work hand in hand with other areas of the company. It is essential to collaborate with other departments involved in the work to develop the editorial and graphic strategy to do attractive work for the users to whom the texts are addressed.

UX writer requires two skills:

  • Copywriting: It is how the voice of the brand is expressed. Its purpose is to create persuasive texts full of personality, to get the customer to make a purchase. It is what usually draws attention to a brand or product. Copywriting can be a branding tool, making one brand stand out from another.
  • Microcopy: It is the part of the word design, which includes all the short texts that will be understood in the digital product, for example, menu names, error messages, clarifications, button labels, form texts, phrases that help to understand the context and practically any text of the interface.

How to get a UX Writer job?

Typically, companies ask for three qualities for a job as a UX Writer:

  1. Has a background in communication studies, such as creative writing, journalism, communication or information sciences, marketing, public relations, etc.
  2. Writing skills and examples that can demonstrate it.
  3. Be self-taught, flexible, and have initiative since, as it is a relatively new position, the profile is still being defined in some aspects.

So, if you try yourself in profession like that, go on!

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