Uustamps Reviews {Dec 2021} Read The Entire Review Now

Uustamps Online Website Reviews

We bring you comprehensive Uustamps Reviews as it is a recently created website. This article will help you to conclude on the authenticity of Uustamps.

Are you a stamp collector? Do you send stamps as gifts in this festival season to your family and friends? Are you looking to shop for unique stamps in this festival season? Uustamps.com is an excellent website in the United States that showcases hundreds of stamps. 

But, before you make a purchase as a responsible buyer, would you like to know more about Uustamps.com? We bring you comprehensive Uustamps Reviews to help you understand more about this website.

Brief of Uustamps:

Uustamps.com is an e-commerce website specialized in selling stamps. There are no other products listed on the website except stamps. It is undoubtedly a great website featuring stamps covering most of the occasions such as 

  • Birthdays, 
  • Christmas, 
  • Forever USA stamps featuring 
  • hearts, 
  • events, 
  • holidays, 
  • flowers, 
  • love, etc.

Features of Uustamps:

  • Buy products at https://www.uustamps.com/.
  • E-mail address: Customer service can be reached at support@uustamps.com.
  • Address: Not provided
  • Contact details: Not provided
  • Social media links: There were no Social Media links found on Uustamps.com
  • Owner’s details: This criterion is accounted for to check Is Uustamps Legit? Crucial information about the owner is withheld using internet censorship.
  • Privacy Policy: Mentioned. But, plagiarize
  • Shipping: Uustamps.com provides free shipment worldwide via ePacket. Free shipment is available for orders above $39.
  • Delivery policy: There is a 1 to 3 days processing time and a delivery timeline of 7 to 20 days.
  • Cancellation and Returns: The return shipment charges need to be paid by the purchaser. Few items like gift cards etc., do not qualify for returns.
  • Refund Policy: Mentioned. But, Uustamps Reviews found that the policy is copied from other websites. The item should be in original packing and undamaged to qualify for a refund. You can file a payback within thirty days.
  • Payment mode: Uustamps.com supports Shopify Secure, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American express.

Positive Highlights:

  • Unique collections of stamps.
  • Free shipment for orders above $39.
  • Great discounts ranging up to 31%

Negative Highlights:

  • The free shipment policy contradicts shipment charges incurred at the time of checkout.
  • The refund policy specified the items that were not listed on the website.
  • Sorting stamps based on different criteria is unavailable

Is Uustamps Legit?

  • Creation of Domain: Uustamps.com came into existence on 5th October 2021 at 21:37:27. The website is hosted on a server where several suspicious websites are also active.
  • Website Age: Uustamps.com is one month and nineteen days old.
  • Website Expiry: Uustamps.com has a short life expectancy as it will expire on 5th October 2022 at 21:37:27
  • Trustworthiness: Uustamps.com gained only a 1% trust rank which is considered to be TERRIBLE.
  • Spam Score: Uustamps.com may utilize your phone number (or) e-mail address to send you spam messages as it had scored 4/100 on spamming profile.
  • Country of origin: Uustamps.com is registered in Hunan, China. Uustamps Reviews considers it to be a high-risk country for hosting a website.
  • Domain Blacklist Status: Uustamps.com is not blacklisted by any blacklisting engine
  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites: Uustamps.com scores 5/100. It means that the website may contain malware, malicious scripts, and threats to steal (or) harm user data and devices.
  • Data Safety: Uustamps.com transmits data via a safe HTTPS connection
  • Threat Profile: Uustamps.com scored 29/100. It means the website contains malicious scripts to steal your private information.
  • Phishing Score: Uustamps.com scores 29/100, and it may gain access to your payment information, passwords, etc., by running scripts in the background.
  • Malware Score: Uustamps Reviews scrutinizes that it may deploy small applications which may harm your computer. It had scored 15/100 on the Malware profile.
  • Social relations: Uustamps.com does not have any presence on Social Media such as FB, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, etc.

Customer reviews:

Reviews on YouTube point out that Uustamps.com could be a Scam. Product reviews on Uustamps.com are positively 4.9/5 stars. Hence, such reviews are unreliable and fake. There were no reviews found on reliable sources over the internet. The Alexa ranking is 0, which is considered to be poor.

Final Verdict:

With this Uustamps Reviews, you may have concluded about Uustamps. The low trust rank, country of origin, short life expectancy, Threat profile, contradicting policies, and recent domain creation points out that Uustamps.com is NOT LEGITIMATE. We advise you to AVOID any transaction on the website. To know more, please read about PayPal and Credit Card Scams as Uustamps includes them as a mode of payment.

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15 thoughts on “Uustamps Reviews {Dec 2021} Read The Entire Review Now

  1. They are advertising heavily on Facebook. it is unconscionable that Facebook allows such scams to be projected upon its users. A lot of people are rushing to purchase these fake half price stamps.

    1. Hello Lorna Gail Vander Sluis, We feel bad to hear about such incidents. We know how you must be feeling. Did you try to reach them through any communication? If not, check if it works, else go for a refund option. Please update us, if you get any response from them. Take care. Be careful. Thanks.

  2. I am fighting with PayPal right now trying trying to get my money back. I sent them a link to this site so they know that UUSTAMP is a fake site. I am going to be out $3990, plus whatever it is to send back the stamps. I ordered them 11/28 and I messaged UUSTAMP about my order and when it was going to be shipped. They sent it out the same day they got the email. I feel if I did not email them I would not have gotten them to ship them. I wish I didn’t fall for the fake site. Buyer Beware!!

    1. Hello Emily Sinclair, It’s a huge amount. Did you receive the correct order? As seen, many buyers have not received any order to date? Please update here, so the other buyers will get the idea. It is suggestible to all, check twice and go for trustworthy portals. Be aware. Thanks.

  3. Took quite a bit of work, many phone calls and a few emails including all “proof” or backup documentation (tracking number changes, tracking number they provided was shipped and received at PO Box several states away.) Ironically, after filing USPS complaint & emailing the support address for uustamps, the tiny, tiny package arrived today. I will have the stamps validated or authenticated at the USPS on Monday once they are open.

  4. Took quite a bit of work, many phone calls and a few emails including all “proof” or backup documentation (tracking number changes, tracking number they provided was shipped and received at PO Box several States away). Ironically, after filing USPS complaint and emailing the support address for UU stamps, the tiny, tiny package arrived today. I will have the stamps validated or authenticated at the USPS on Monday once they are open.

    My original post was never posted but I was not notified why. I spoke with USPS post master who validated the stamps as authentic, just older version (they are labeled 2017, do, yes they are 4 years old). I see them listed on Amazon & Etsy now that the UU stamps website appears to be down. Hope this helps ~ was a total pain to iron out but in the end, got what I ordered.

  5. I don’t understand! I ordered from them late last year and they sent me legit stamps right away. I was actually looking for the site because I wanted to reorder and found this. They are legit!

    1. I also ordered some and went back now to look to get more. They were legit stamps when I got them. They took a little longer than I hoped they would for sending out some Christmas cards but they were legit stamps.

      1. Hello Jenell Bailey, did you get any dispatch date? If no single reply from them seems they must be cheaters. Check if you get any updates, else try for a refund. Please let us know. Take care. Thank you

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