USPS COVID Scam (Jan 2022) Beware Of Mimic Websites!

This article offers information about USPS COVID Scam along with other related details.

The Coronavirus has caused immense damage to life and property worldwide and has had disastrous effects on nearly every country. We aren’t entirely free of this pandemic yet, and there’s always a possibility of a new wave rising with a sudden increment in the number of daily cases. 

One way to keep this virus under control is by preventing the virus from spreading, which requires efficient testing. USPS COVID Scam has become trendy concerning the same. This query is getting some attention in the United States and nearby regions. Keep reading this article to get more information about this scam.

What is USPS?

The USPS or the United States Postal Service is an agency in the US that offers postal services in the country and some other associated regions and areas. It’s an independent agency that comes directly under the jurisdiction of the US federal government. Another noteworthy fact is that it is one of the only few agencies authorized officially by the constitution. 

USPS COVID Scam is gaining traction concerning a current government plan involving COVID test kits’ distribution through USPS in the United States.

What is USPS COVID Testing? 

  • COVID testing kits were selling out rapidly, and some people couldn’t get them. The federal government has worked out a solution with the USPS to offer free testing kits to people.
  • Users can visit the website of USPS and head to the relevant page to claim their free testing kits.
  • Users need to fill in some personal information to get four RAT COVID kits.

Details about USPS COVID Scam

Let’s look at all the relevant details about the scam that’s gaining traction regarding the scheme mentioned above.

  • Please note that there’s only one-time delivery of free kits to one address under the scheme mentioned above.
  • Users have to register on the official website to avail the free kits.
  • Within a short time of creating the official website for registration, scammers also created many lookalike websites with a similar URL to trick users.
  • These websites don’t offer any kits but instead try to breach the users’ privacy and steal important data.
  • USPS COVID Scam is gaining traction as many lookalike websites have been spotted so far, which is a matter of concern.
  • We advise users to please be careful and ensure that they’re only using the official website for registration.
  • Read more about this scheme here

The Final Verdict  

Efficient testing is crucial if we’re looking to control the spread of the Coronavirus and prevent the situation from escalating. 

Naturally, testing kits are an in-demand item, and the federal government has decided to distribute them for free through the USPS. However, some scammers are fooling users in the name of offering free kits under this scheme. 

What do you think about this scheme? We have mentioned the related details about it above. Kindly share your remarks on USPS COVID Scam in the comments. Also, learn here how to stay protected from online scams.

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