Usgoodssale Reviews (Aug) Is This Authentic Or Scam?

Usgoodssale Reviews (Aug) Is This Authentic Or Scam? >> Please read this article that shares the authenticity details of the site that offers various products at an unbelievable price.

Have you ever thought that online shopping could be easy if all the required items are available in one place? Do you agree? If yes, then here is a newly launched site to fulfil your wish. is the new site that claims to offer multiple products all over the United States.

But before purchasing stuff from the new site, it is essential to know the site’s legitimacy. So, in this article, we will focus on Usgoodssale Reviews and it is safe to buy from or not.

About Usgoodssale Website

It is an e-commerce site registered in the United States. The site offers several products such as brick sandals, air conditioners, grill smokers, coffee makers, ice makers and many more.

The company deals with almost every electronic item and footwear. Also, the prices are too low that everyone can easily afford. 

But when the site offers free shipping, low prices, and other important terms and conditions at such an early stage, it creates a place of suspect in the customer’s mind that Is Usgoodssale Legit or not.

Specifications or Particulars of this Online Site

  • Website URL –
  • product type – kitchen electronic stuff and footwear
  • Created on – 2021-07-31
  • Expiry date – 2022-07-31
  • Contact no. – not mentioned.
  • Email address –
  • Company address – 100 Wood Hollow Drive, Suite 10 Novato, CA 94945
  • Shipping – same day if the order is placed before 3 pm.
  • Delivery time – it takes 10-15 business days.
  • Return – the company offers a 30-day return policy with terms and conditions.
  • Refund – if the return is accepted, the payment will be transferred within 2-3 weeks.
  • Payment – Visa, Master card, Discover and PayPal is accepted.

Continue reading Usgoodssale Reviews until the end to know the advantages and disadvantages of using the site to discover its authenticity.

Pros Of Usgoodssale

  • The company works on a valid HTTPS connection.
  • The website has various product options for the customers.
  • The company also offers a return and refund policy.

Cons Of Ussgoodssale

  • The site is too new to trust.
  • No direct contact number is found on the site to communicate.
  • Unbelievable prices to attract people.
  • The site holds too low trust index.
  • There are no customer reviews found anywhere on the internet about the site. 

Is Usgoodssale Legit?

Let us focus on the legitimacy factors that you should know before clearing the cart and completing the final purchase:

  • Domain age – the site is only 12 days old; it was created on 2021-07-31, and trusting the site so early could be dangerous for your money.
  • Domain Validity – the domain is valid till 31st July 2022.
  • Trust index – it has too low trust index of 1% biggest drawback of the site.
  • Terms and conditions – the site offers a return and refund policy, but the details shared on the site do not match with the products available on the site.
  • Usgoodssale Reviews – no customer reviews are available sharing the details of the site.
  • Plagiarism – original content is the proof that the site shows its customers the legitimacy, but this site holds 50% of plagiarised content which is not a good sign.
  • Social Media – social media accounts are essential to check the reviews and watch the updates of the site, but the research states that the site does not have a social media presence.
  • Contact Details – the website shares an email address and physical address, but no contact number is shared. Also, the given details seem to be invalid as no such company is found on the given address.

Therefore, the site is not reliable for shopping; if you still wish to buy, then research entirely from your side.

Usgoodssale Reviews from the Customers

It is the perfect section to know the authenticity of the site. Expecting reviews within 12 days is a big thing. So, there are no reviews and social media pages. 

If you wish to use this site inspite of the above pointers, you should wait for a few days to get satisfying feedback. Also, scam sites can lead you to money fraud. So, know how to get a refund if you are PayPal scammed.


Here is an unbiased feedback of the online site that offers items like ice maker can help you to choose the best path during online shopping. So Usgoodssale Reviews concludes that the site could be a possible scam.

It has been few days that the site has started working, so it makes it difficult to judge, but the information shared can be your helping hand in making your opinion.

Are you worried because of Credit Card Scam? What is your view about Please share your opinion with us in the comment section below.

8 thoughts on “Usgoodssale Reviews (Aug) Is This Authentic Or Scam?”

  1. It’s a scam. They sign you up for a subscription to coupons for travel and stores. They will extract a monthly fee for $18.95/mo which gets sent to your promotions email. stores online account

  2. I ordered 25000 BTU AC with heating unit for around $100 And a 7000 watt Gen for around $100. The Total paid thru PayPal was $196.98 .
    They sent me a Email saying it was shipped to my Calif. Address. About 10 days later they said it was delivered to a NY address. I never got any answers to my Emails. I contacted PayPal Gave them all the info 2 weeks later I received a full refund. There running a Scam !

    • Hello T. Young, This is the problem with most of the scam sites, its great you shared the issue with us. I would rather advice you to go ahead with the refund process so that the Paypal team could process it at the earliest. Take care.

    • You are thieves you stole mey money because the commission said you could be trusted. But you can’t. You not only stole my money but you also changed my computer settings on a Chromebook laptop to Yahoo so you could continue to steal. I will have you all arrested now or I will expose who is helping you either way see you soon. Criminal Actually PayPal is involved not robbed as we are

      • Hello Joni Bryant, How horrible work they are doing? Changing one’s computer settings is such a shock. They must be caught and hard action to be taken. Don’t keep faith on anyone without any inquiries. All be aware and alert. Investors to remain updated till further updates. Don’t lose hope.

  3. You are thieves you stole mey money because the commission said you could be trusted. But you can’t. You not only stole my money but you also changed my computer settings on a Chromebook laptop to Yahoo so you could continue to steal. I will have you all arrested now or I will expose who is helping you either way see you soon.


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