Urbnsurf Accident {June 2022} Get All Information Here!

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In this blog on Urbnsurf Accident, readers will know about the incident that happened in the Urbnsurf and get his health updates.

What happened in Urbnsurf? Why has it suddenly become the talk of the town? Urbnsurf is a tourist place present in Australia. People visit Urbnsurf to surf against waves generated by them. Recently, an accident occurred in the Urbnsurf, which shocked the entire world.

Follow this post on Urbnsurf Accident to know in detail about the accident and what exactly happened in the Urbnsurf.

Why Urbnsurf is trending?

Urbnsurf is a surfing company or a tourist attraction in Melbourne, Australia recently started trending all over the internet because of the accident of the 40-year-old guy. The incident took place on Friday early morning at around 11:30 a.m. The surf which was one of the most visited tourist places in Australia is now under police investigation due to this incident.

Responding to this situation, the company has said that “the safety and protection of their customers is their priority”

Urbnsurf Melbourne Incident 

The incident took place with a 40-year-old guy surfing in the Urbnsurf. The crowd started panicking when they saw a guy faint in a pool. The medical team was informed about this, and he was taken out of the pool unconscious. Before taking him to the Royal Melbourne hospital, the 40-year-old man was first treated for his head injury as it is expected that he might have hit the wall while fainting. However, according to the Urbnsurf, the footage shows that the surfer didn’t hit the wall and collapsed while paddling. However, the confirmation of the claim is awaited. The Urbnsurf Accident came as a holiday spoiler in the lives of all the tourists representing this incident.

Is Urbnsurf open now?

As soon as the incident started trending all over the internet, many people wanted to know whether the surf was open now? If it is closed, then when is it expected to open? This may make you, but as per the official notification from the company, the Urbnsurf “will be closed until further notice as the police investigation is going on we can not say much about this,” they later added.

Urbnsurf Accident

The trending accident, which took place on the 10th of June on Friday in Australia, has made all the humans across the world very sad. The good news is that Urbnsurf has promised to provide free assessment and treatment of the injured guy. However, it is said that the patient’s condition is very critical. If any update comes in the future, we will surely let you know, so keep following us.


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