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In this post, we will discuss Write for Us SAAS, what guidelines you need to follow, and how you can submit your post.

Are you interested in writing for SAAS? Are you looking for a platform where you can make people aware of the software? Are you interested in innovative software, its processing, coding and much more? If yes, here in this post, we suggest a platform where you can write about SAAS, its software, and its functioning.

While writing about the suggested topic, you must follow certain guidelines, how to submit your write-up and much more. However, every detail associated with Write for Us SAAS is given below. So, kindly read all the details carefully till the end.

Who are we (marifilmines.com)?

marifilmines.com is an online news, website reviews, and product review publishing company. We publish articles on SAAS, innovative software, the latest technologies and much more. Besides this, we also publish a write-up on several other topics. Our article is for educational purposes, and we don’t want the promotion of any person, website, event or service.

We have a team of writers who post unbiased content based on well-researched content. Thus, every post and article on our website is a product of deep research and analysis of online information. However, read the further details to know the guidelines for writing write for us + saas.

Guidelines need to be followed by the contributor to write for us

Below given are some guidelines which a writer must need to be followed.

  • The writer must keep in mind that their write-up needs to be unique. There shouldn’t be even 1% plagiarism.
  • While writing, the writer must ensure that the spam score must not be less than 3%.
  • In the article, one must keep the word limit in their mind. Your article need not be less than 500 and not more than 1000 words.
  • Your write-up must be SEO-friendly. To make your post friendly, you can use interrogative words.
  • Your saas writer for us articles must be more than 90% in active voice.
  • The article must have a title, description, introduction, subtitle, and conclusion.
  • In the article, pictures need to be free from copyright issues.
  • One must ensure that their writing is free from any grammatical and spelling errors. However, make sure that the Grammarly score of your post must be more than 98+.
  • The write-up post’s title needs to be eye-catching.
  • You must ensure that the keyword density of your post is .75 to 1% of the content.
  • The language of the Write for Us SAAS must need to be simple and friendly. However, the language used in the article must not be aggressive, abusive or offensive.
  • All the related crux phrases and external links must be highlighted in bold and green.

SEO guidelines

  • There should be several SEO keywords in the post. Numerous keyword explorer tools and addons are available to writers. The related search choices on Google and Quora can also assist us in finding the required target keywords elsewhere.
  • The article must always have both internal and external links to improve its SEO rating.

What are the benefits of Write for Us?

  • The regular active post will allow constant traffic flow on your website.
  • Our SEO team provides you with effective keywords that will help you get more traffic on your page.
  • The writer can test and improve their skills on metrics and analyze them.
  • marifilmines.com has more than 10000+ regular customers on our website, so your post will reach more than these people.
  • SAAS companies can teach about their services and products to their audience.
  • SAAS companies can educate their targeted audience through informative writing write for us + saas.

Know your topics!

  • SAAS Companies
  • Latest achievements in SAAS
  • Is Netflix a SAAS?
  • Future of SAAS
  • Functioning of SAAS
  • How do SAAS Companies work?
  • How to reach us?
  • History of SAAS

If you think you can write content within these guidelines, you can write a sample for us. You need to write a sample for us and send us to infomarifilmine@gmail.com. However, you can choose the topic given below or any topic of your choice apart from the above topics.

As soon as you send your sample, our team will review your write-up and contact you within 24 hours. Our team will analyze your sample; if it is good, they will guide you through the process.

Final Verdict

If you are interested in writing, you must grab this opportunity. It is an excellent platform for improving your writing skills and blogging ability. The bloggers and writers can contact us for further details about Write for Us SAAS

However, you must not miss this opportunity to reach more than 10000+ visitors daily. In case of any query, you can contact our team via the email id above. Comment your thoughts below.

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