Universemalls Reviews {Dec 2021} Check If It Is Legit?

This article is written with a view of Universemalls Reviews to protect your pocket from fraud and scammers and more related inputs.

Are you the one who is into games and loves a good collection of dice? In this article, we will ask whether this site is reliable for shopping. The site guests in the United States are probably debating about it.

You are requested to read this well-researched article on Universemalls Reviews if you want to discover the reality of the website. 

What is Universmall.Com? 

The mentioned website is registered in the US. It is an online shopping website that offers unique buyer products, standardizing their collection. It deals in cheese dice sets. Green flavored dice set, blood-coloured dice set and dice bags with pockets. This website sells them with a good description of the product. The designer of this site has helped its customers with essential policies. The website has trusted and valid modes of payment.  

But the question arises here Is Universemalls Legit?


If you have any queries regarding the market position of this website, you can consider the mentioned particulars of the website. It will help you. Let us have a quick look. 

  • Website Type: It’s an online shopping website famous for selling different dice sets. 
  • E-mail: szsomeway@aliyun.com 
  • Website: https://universemalls.shop/ 
  • Contact Address: Not Available
  • Contact Number: +1.3108677000
  • Cost of Product: USD
  • Sort and Filter: Yes, available on the site.
  • Data Security: Shared data by customers is not protected.
  • Options For Payment: PayPal
  • Shipping Policies: The survey done to write this Universemalls Reviews says, Delivery is promised within 12-15 days.
  • Return Policies: Within 7 days.
  • Presence of Social Media: Not found. 

Further, we have mentioned some more details without which we can’t come to any final decision.


  • The return policy is good as they offer relaxation for the whole week.
  • The checkout process is fast and user friendly.
  • The given description of the product is good. 


  • A lot of negative opinions were detected for this website  on the website reviewing platforms.
  • Rating higher than one million indicates a web enterprise that is not well-known.
  • It utilises the HTTPS connection. 
  • The data given is not protected.

Is Universemalls Legit?  

The legitimacy of any website can be found by looking at the broad details mentioned in the specifications. So let’s find all the details to find its trustworthiness.

  • Website Age: The website started on 11-11-2021. It was founded only 26 days back.
  • Trust Score of Website: The trust score for this website found is only 1%, which is a shallow score.
  • Alexa Ranking: The Alexa Rank found is #4,658, 442, making it suspicious.
  • Social Media connection: No links are present for the social media account.
  • Content Plagiarism: The website is showing more than 50% of the content is copied.
  • The customer reviews: There are no Universemalls Reviews found on the website. 
  • E-mail address legitimacy: The email is just currently created.
  • Product Originality: Cannot be determined for conclusion, but seems odd.
  • The owner’s Identity: It is not mentioned.
  • Contact Address legitimacy: It is not reliable. 
  • The Return and Exchange Policies: This can’t be trusted. 
  • Owner’s details: The owner’s details were also found absent.

From the above factors, the website does not seem to be legit, so we need to look into customer reviews in more detail to get crystal clear information for its legitimacy factor.

Universemalls Reviews

Shopping from the new website is dangerous as many are created via tricksters. They offer limited stock. Every online site should be assessed completely. 

This article says that the website is only a few days old and additionally no reviews from consumer’s side anywhere about it, which is making a doubtful image of the website. Apart from this we have found many negative reviews on the trusted reviewing websites making it a spam. On that customers clearly mentioned that this is a spam portal.

If you have spent your money and got scammed, then take help in refunding your money from PayPal by the referenced link.

Final Review of the website: 

In the Universemalls Reviews, we can’t draw a final verdict so fast and easily. Notice that we are not saying that the aesthetics of this store are misleading.  

Apart from all this, let us know through this article by commenting below

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