Unique Garden Shop Reviews {May} Is This Site Legit?

If you are planning to buy from this site or want to know about this site, go through our Unique Garden Shop Reviews.

Do you want to buy furniture? Almost every household has furniture. Furniture is a necessity in life. Some people buy furniture out of necessity, and some love to collect different pieces of furniture. 

It goes by the name Unique Garden shop. It has currently gained attention in the United Kingdom. So, throughout our postUnique Garden Shop Reviews, we will inform our readers about the website’s important details and its legitimacy points.


The Unique Garden Shop is an online site that specializes in furniture. This website was founded in the year 2022. They offer corner sofas, resin and wood sets, and other related products. You will find different designs of sofas, wood sets, etc. This website has also given discounts on some of the selected products. The website is displaying Restricted Access 403 Error.

It might be their tactic to gain customers. As this website is very new, it cannot be trusted easily, and this company is also not very transparent with its details. If you are eager to know Is Unique Garden Shop Legit or a fake, let’s go through its specifications first.


  • Portal Creation Date- This portal was created on 2022/05/16; hence it is a newly created site.
  • Contact Address – We couldn’t get it as the website restricts access to it.
  • Payment Types Restricted access sign showing.
  • Email Address- We Couldn’t get the details.
  • Products Offered- corner sofas, resin sets, wood sets, etc.
  • Contact Number- Error is showing.
  • Discounts- Available on some of their selected products.
  • Return Policy- Restricted
  • Refund Policy- The website is restricting access.
  • Exchange Policy- Restricted sign notification.
  • Newsletter- Not available.
  • Website Link-check out the link  https://uniquegarden.shop via Unique Garden Shop Reviews.

If you want to find out more, keep on reading. Next, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the site.

Pros of Unique Garden Shop

  • The protocol (HTTPS) protects the website.
  • Discounts are available.
  • The Url and Portal names are alike.

Cons of Unique Garden Shop

  • The website does not have any social media presence.
  • There are no genuine customer reviews available.
  • Contact details are not available.
  • The website is not conventional.
  • It lacks transparency.

Is Unique Garden Shop Legit? Or Not

After going through the legitimacy factors of the site, it becomes clear whether the site is safe or not for online shopping. So, we draw the parameters for judging the website’s legitimacy.

  • Registration Date- It was registered on 2022/05/16, just a few days ago, and cannot be trusted.
  • Discounts- Discounts were found.
  • Content Quality- The website’s content quality couldn’t be found.
  • Address Authentication- Unable to gather information regarding it.
  • Policies- Unable to reach.
  • Social Media Accounts- There are no single social accounts.
  • Customer Feedback- No reviews have been published up till now.
  • Trust Rank- check via Unique Garden Shop Reviews; this website has ranked 65.7 %.
  • Trust Score- It is only 1% which is meagre.
  • Portal Expiry Date- It will expire on 2023/05/16.

Customer’s Feedback

Customer feedback is an essential part while doing a website review. When judging a website, we should always consider its review, which will clear your doubts. So, regarding this website, we did extensive research. We tried to check every reviewing site, and there are no customer reviews available. 

Also, there is no mention of this portal anywhere. There are no evaluations of this site as, well. This is enough to make it dubious. If you have been scammed and want to find out how to protect yourself from a PayPal scam, know here via Unique Garden Shop Reviews.


As per our discussion, we managed to know that this website sells furniture. But this website is very new; it does not have social media accounts or any owner. Also, the trust score is below average. But where it strikes most, there are no customer reviews. 

So, we can conclude by saying that the website is a suspicious site. But you can do your study and wait for future updates. Also read about how to save or prevent from credit scam, via Unique Garden Shop Reviews.

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68 thoughts on “Unique Garden Shop Reviews {May} Is This Site Legit?”

  1. This company is well indeed a scam. I have ordered items, handed over my money and never received my goods. I’ve tried emailing them without success. I have been intouch with my bank and made them aware of these leeches. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS WEBSITE! There are no genuine posts online regarding people receiving items from them.

  2. I’m a bit concerned as I have bought garden furniture but once realised I do not think this site is legitimate and will probably not receive it. What’s the chances of getting my money back?

  3. Hi, I also placed an order with this company (I was wooed by the price.. bad judgement on my part I know) I almost immediately realised after looking at their website that it was probably a scam,
    I emailed them by replying to their “confirmation email’ saying that I had realised it was a scam and had phoned my bank, trading standards etc 😂 (not really sure what you say to these people as I’ve never been scammed) and got the following reply..
    We are a company Based in the uk with factories based in Europe !


    Kelly Jonson

    I placed this order a week ago, and the confirmation email said it would take 3+ weeks to arrive.
    We will see What happens.

    Does anyone know how I go about protecting my bank details as they obviously do have them?
    Do I need to change my bank card?
    Thank you.

    • Hello Jodie, yes, it is true. Don’t buy from this portal. The buyers have shared experience and it will help to stay away. Don’t get trapped. Thanks for the information. Thanks. Take care.

    • Hi, have you got the item yet? I have also been lured into the con! I have also had a email reply from a Kelly Jackson to say the order is now the Carriers. I have asked for a DHL tracking number and not received a email back as yet. Says the item could be with me by 15th July. Not sure at what point to contact the bank for a refund

  4. Hi I’ve ordered from this site. They have taken my money I haven’t recieved my goods although they did say it would take up to 4 weeks its been only 1 week. I tried emailing them and I got a reply saying to check status of my goods on the track order page. Just saying dispatched. I got a bad feeling its a scam

  5. Totally agree with previous comments. Can not get hold of anyone and don’t reply to emails. Please do not order from this site.

    • Hello Alison Jenningd, Looking for all the views it seems scam. It feels sad to hear about such incidents. The people are losing their money. Your update will help the buyer to save money in the future. Hope to get your money back. Take care.

  6. I am waiting for a delivery .. it is due within the next week apparently. I paid on Mastercard. I’ve emailed unique gardens and they assure me I will receive my item. It’s not late yet.. but I’m feeling doubtful. Has anyone actually got their goods?

  7. i also placed an order last week the day after i rang my bank to tell them i think its a scam i have recived an email with tracking but that just states its on its way does not show were it is my bank told me they have but a block on my account to stop them trying to take any more money from me and to ring them back after the delivery date has passed and they will get my money back via the fraud team

    • Hey sarah booth! Sorry to hear that you have faced such a scam from the online shopping site, and we appreciate your feedback on our portal. Yes, it seems to be a scam, and we consistently raise vigilance to our readers about numerous platforms. You can submit a complaint concerning your order. Keep us updated on this matter, and stay safe!

  8. Hi, i have also paid on debit card, I’ve a gut feeling it’s a scam site. Delivery estimate between May 30 June 30 so will I have to wait it out before I contact my bank

  9. Hi I also have purchased a set from these people and have had an email from a “Kelly Johnson” I have emailed again for a dhl tracking number so see if I get a reply! Paid on credit card so hoping my money will be protected!

  10. I have also been scammed and I’ve created a Facebook page called unique gardens scammers, in order to warn everyone else. Please like and share the page. I can’t believe Facebook hasn’t done more to stop this, has anyone reported the page?

    • Hello Sophie B, you did it right and reached your bank for a refund. Check if you receive the order, else try for a refund option. Please let us know any further updates. Take care. Thank you.

  11. I have ordered too my order says I will receive by 24th June 2022 I keep emailing and they do reply saying order on its way and please track so when I track it is a green bar and shows progress and it says order on way but hasn’t changed in 3 weeks I ordered on credit card and card company have said I have to wait until the deadline date which is 24th June before I can start process to try and get money back but I’m not hopeful on getting it back or receiving goods

    • Hello Sue Grundy, if no reply from them, try for a refund option. The payment company, however, you paid it, will help to get your money back. Please let us know, once you receive it. Take care. Thanks.

  12. I have also ordered a rattan set and have received an email from a Kelly Johnston saying the goods should arrive by June 22nd. Having read all the comments it does look as if this may be a scam and would hope that I will be covered by my mastercard if the goods do not arrive.

  13. Sadly I didn’t see these reviews before I ordered, no goods received as expected no reply to any emails and frozen tracking history, I am now going through a merchant claim with my bank ,PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY,

  14. I ordered garden furnitire from this place im worried now as when i click on track order it says store unavailable i paid by card too do i ring my bank says my order takes 20 days from 17 june

  15. Oh dear I ordered yesterday paid what I thought wow that’s cheap for a corner sofa
    I have been reading all these comments now I am thinking what have I done
    Do I have to get in touch with the bank now and change my card or do I wait for 3 weeks

  16. Hi ,I ordered on the 26th May and the deadline for delivery is tomorrow, I emailed them last week with no response, definitely think this is a SCAM!!!!

  17. I ordered Castlow Garden Sofa Set (4 items) × 1
    On the 15th June and they sent me a confirmation and tracking which I have been following until today when everything disappeared and I fear my furniture will not arrive but it did say it could take 3/4 weeks up till 19th July but I really have my doubts so I could be £100 out of pocket as I paid by Apple Pay so no protection but I will update if it arrives !!🤷‍♀️

  18. I also have ordered from this company and cannot email them to check when it will be delivered. Having read these comments I am goi g to cancel my payment with my cc company x

  19. Me too the window for delivery was between 25th May and 25th of June….
    Not arrived went to email them on 25th October June website has vanished stats itz not available

  20. I’ve not yet received by goods. Received emails from a Kelly Johnson a few times advising that it will be delivered 7-10 days. I didn’t received an original confirmation email. I messaged to see if I could change delivery address and they said yes. When they updated the track your parcel I held out hope but obviously good scammers. My bank have advised that after 30 days of money being taken from account I can get it back if not received the goods.
    The website looks like it’s now been taken down.

  21. Ordered furniture on this site but got suspicious when emailed them numerous times with no response then low and behold web site disappears went straight to my bank as I had paid on debit card wasn’t expecting to receive anything back the bank have cancelled my card but I was pleasantly surprised when they managed to get the Money back from the sellers account instantly well done HSBC lesson learnt

  22. i ordered furniture 4 weeks ago and now when i go onto the site it says the website doesnt exist. Looks like ive also been scammed.

    • Hi Vicky Anderson, this is a terrible situation, the way they have scammed you. It is our humble suggestion that you should research adequately because the loss is always of an individual and scammers enjoy. Stay safe!

  23. I have also purchased furniture from this site, and have sadly not received anything. I did get a reply saying it would arrive in a few days when I queried the delivery date. I doubt very much if anything will arrive, and have made a claim for a refund with credit card company.

  24. The site has now disappeared

    My delivery was due on 22nd June. Tracked it and it said it had been delayed and would be with me by 12th July… The best day the site was taken down.

    I paid by credit card so will get onto my issuer. Aswell as Shopify who were the platform used

    • Hi Emma, we admire that you acted swift and cross-verified. Thank you for sharing your experience with us! In many cases, these spam calls such as telemarketers, robocalls and other nuisance calls can be put to an end with the Spam Call Blocker. And we are glad that you are safe. Stay connected.

  25. I have ordered from this site, received confirmation my order is being shipped, but nothing further, and no delivery.
    I have sent several emails asking for updates but no response.

  26. This is a good way for people to open up and share their experiences such has been scammed and for them to get positive help and advice without being criticised by telling them that they was stupid and should have noticed it was a scam. Not in all cases can you learned until you have made a purchase. Yes good old English Support 🤝😂😢😇

  27. I also placed a order beginning of June and they said o would receive it between 10th of June & July I haven’t received my order I’m gutted it’s obviously a scam,


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