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The article is all about the Umbra Dragon Dragonvale. And it also carries the details of another dragon on dragon vale. 

You must have heared about the Dragonvale and its variants in dragon types. It has always been the best choice of the players in countries like the United States. On the other hand, the Umbra Dragon is one of the best for its unique appearance in various dragon types. 

This passage is all about Umbra Dragon Dragonvale, which helps you to get the details of it. That is why people like it the most. However, it also has the feature which makes you shocked. So let us read about it in detail and find out some important sections of this. 

Dragonvale; Get the details 

Dragonvale is a video game that involves a park trainer, which was developed by Backflip studio. It is a breeding simulation game in which the player used to build the park and island by themselves. This game has many numbers of players with all the dragon elements. The Umbra Dragon Dragonvale has ten basic elements: Plant, Earth, Fire, Light, Water, Air, Cold, Metal, Lightning and Dark.

Dragonvale includes some epic dragons: Sun, Moon, Rainbow, Treasure, Olympus, Gemstone, Dream, Seasonal, Apocalypse, Chrysalis, Ornamental, and more.

Scroll down to get detailed information on Umbra Dragon!

Umbra Dragon

It has a unique appearance, meaning a shadowy look that gives the player a great experience. It is not less than the fire, which shows a shadowy figure passing out of the mirror. Points that carry the detail about Umbra Dragon Dragonvale are– 

  • Levels Available- 18
  • Breeding Time- 30-24 H
  • Incubation Time- 30 H
  • Habitats- Hidden
  • Rift Traits- Available
  • Possible Breeding- Many Available


The Umbra Dragon is obtained by all the 10 tent variants available, which are placed in the park and the places that are meant for. This will also help the player to get involved in Scout Dragon. Into it. Which cost 100 diamonds?


The Umbra Dargon used only two umbra dragons at the Rift Breeding Cave for Bred. This dragon can only be bred within the rift breeding. This is the only process for breeding the Umbra Dragon Dragonvale.

The Umbra Dragon was released on 22 October 2021, and it was removed on 1 November. Because of that, the player is getting attacked by it.

The Dragonvale has many various types of dragons into it, which have their unique feature and use. 

Final Verdict

In this passage, we have found that the newly launched Dragon Dragonvale has become a popular game within a day. It has created excitement among the players with its unique shadowy appearance. The Umbra Dragon will remain available till 1 Nov. 

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