Ukraine In Current Events {Feb} Know What Happened!

The following research on Ukraine in Current Events will inform and guide you on the current position of Ukraine and why this conflict is happening.

Are you aware of the tensions going between Ukraine and Russia? The entire world is getting the latest updates on the crisis going on. The videos of the attacks are going viral in the United States, Canada, and other countries. 

This article shares information on Ukraine in Current Events, and you will also know about the aforementioned conditions. However, if you do not know why these crises are going on, this article will guide you. So, please do not leave this site and read it till the end.

What had happened between Russia and Ukraine?

In 2014, Russia took the Crimean Peninsula, and now Russia does not want Ukraine and other Soviet nations to become part of NATO. If they join NATO, they will become more powerful, get support from other countries, and fight to take Crimean back. So the Russian president demanded that they won’t join NATO and become a neutral nation.

Ukraine in Current Events

A few days back, the troops returned from the borders of Russia and Ukraine, and it seemed like the conflict had ended, but the entire world was wrong. Russia has attacked Ukrainian infrastructure and borders. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukraine President, has said that Russia is attacking the military infrastructure and explosions heard in Kyiv. 

The chaos continues, and Russia has attacked many cities with missiles. Several troops invaded the South Coast of the Country. As per AFP reports, fifty Russian soldiers, one helicopter, and five planes were shot down. Ukraine’s Government confirmed that around one hundred thirty-seven died in the conflict.

As per Ukraine in Current Events, Russia is receiving condemnation from western countries over their actions on Ukraine. Furthermore, we will discuss the army comparison between the two countries.

Military Comparison 

If we talk about missile technology and military, Russia is the world’s leader. It is one of the most powerful nations and has good strength. Here we compare the military forces of Russia and Ukraine.

  • Ukraine has two lakh army personnel, while Russia has 8.50 lakh army personnel.
  • Ukraine has 50,000, and Russia has 2.50 lakh paramilitary forces.
  • Ukraine has 2596, and Russia has 12,420 tanks.
  • Ukraine has 318, and Russia has 4173 aircraft.
  • According to Ukraine in Current Events, Ukraine has one warship while Russia has eleven warships.
  • Ukraine has one hundred twelve normal helicopters, and Russia has 1,543 normal helicopters.
  • Ukraine has thirty-eight submarines while Russia has six hundred five submarines.

This shows that Russia is in a favorable position, and Ukraine is still lagging in several factors. Russia is more powerful than Ukraine, and this conflict will be very tough for both nations, especially Ukraine. The United States, Britain, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Germany, Australia, Luxembourg, Iceland, and many other nations support Ukraine. While Cuba, Tajikistan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Belarus are supporting Russia.


Based on Ukraine in Current Events, we informed you about the current situation between Russia and Ukraine. You will also get information on the strengths of both the countries. Russia is more powerful, but Ukraine supports many strong countries. Please check this link to know more about the Russia-Ukraine Conflict.  

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