Uapga Info Scam (Sep 2021) Want To Know More? Read Below

The essay informs readers about the Uapga Info Scam recently in Australia and all of its specifics.

Heard of the recent text scam by a reputed politician in one of the leading countries? Then this article would be of your help. 

Craig Kelly, a contentious MP, has been rebuked for creating fake SMS linked to a list of severe reactions data following the Covid-19 vaccination.To know in detail about the Uapga Info Scam, continue reading this post. Also, this message comes at a time when Australia has been dealing with an upsurge in cases. 

Who is Craig Kelly? 

Craig Kelly had been born on September 29, 1963, in Australia. He belonged to a business-class family. He has been a member of the Australian House of Representatives since 2010. Kelly left the Liberal Party’s right-wing group in February 2021 to become an unaffiliated candidate on the crossbench. In August 2021, Kelly decided toenter Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party (UAP), heading through the next elections.

The Uapga Info Scam is one of the ways Kelly functions to gain traction. Kelly can curate strong viral material that is engaging and appealing to his social media supporters. By deliberately affirming his followers’ views, he obtains an edge over the others.

Craig Kelly V/S Covid-19

Because of Kelly’s opinions on thepandemic, the chairman of the AMA called him “crazy.” Kelly claimed that indoctrinating kids to wear masks was mistreatment. For the prevention of COVID-19, he called to use hydroxychloroquine. Conversely, it has no benefit and might have detrimental side effects on health. Facebook has taken down some of these posts. 

Uapga Info Scam

The SMS from the United Australia Party member emerged on Saturday morning. The text leads readers towards a link on the webpage of the UAP.The report indicates negative responses to the vaccinations on the website. It does not provide a link to the relevant TGA webpage.

This information came from TGA’s readily viewable collection of adverse reaction alerts, the agency stated in a report.Other MPs and internet users have reacted angrily, accusing the erstwhile Liberal of encouraging vaccination reluctance in the face of rising covid-19 cases.

Mass Message Scams

The Uapga Info Scam is a poor but calculated move by reputable politicians. Responding or clicking on the hyperlink lets the sender know you’ve seen the post and, therefore, that your contact information is authentic. It gives additional data on your location.

With a single click on the link, your mobile number may be connected to your user detail! It may store a document named a “cookie” that records other websites you frequented unless you “delete” them from your browser.

Final Verdict

As we’ve already said, Craig Kelly is a polarizing figure who has his methods for obtaining assistance and spreading his message.Uapga Info Scam might be a political move to spread his views on the Covid-19 vaccine or get citizens’ valuable data. 

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