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Do you know for what protest Tyreextingushers com is inviting people? Read this write-up properly to know unbiased answers and facts.

Are you examining links for a website created to protest against some cars? Then, please survey our composition for more. 

Objection to someone’s work and statements are reasonable when talked for good. But, freedom of speech doesn’t allow anyone to destroy others’ property. Similarly, in the United Kingdom and the United States, a group is protesting, and thus they are receiving more negative feedback. Thus, you will get all your doubts cleared after reading this post. So, kindly focus and learn about Tyreextingushers com in this writing. 

Demonstrating The Portal 

The Tyre Extinguishers are a group of individuals that restrict other people from purchasing or thinking about buying cars in future. Moreover, they randomly burst car tyres to create awareness about the ill effects of four-wheeler vehicles on the ecosystem. They want to diminish the accident cases due to rough driving by doing similar tactics. 

They have initiated the operation to live in safe and neat areas ruined by the drivers. So, let us find out why they select and puncture only cars in the next section. 

Mission Of Tyreextingushers com

According to the website, four-wheel-drive cars and SUVs harm our well-being and the environment. The cars are usually big, cover more space and restrict people to live freely. As per their opinion, SUVs are one of the most dangerous pollutants and consume more fuel than others, and thus, their purchase should be restricted. 

Besides, we encountered some supplementary hints while exploring the portal, which we will list in the following passage. So, keep reading to pick more relative evidence. 

Additional Information Mentioned On The Website

Over Tyreextingushers com, they have covered the following lesson that one should learn upon joining-

  • Identification of an SUV car 
  • Methods to Flat A Tyre. 

Why Are People Talking About This Site? 

For the past few days, the protesters have been puncturing car tyres mainly in areas like Notting Hill, Belgravia, and Chiswick. After puncturing the tyres, they attach a leaflet mentioning their mission, etc., on the cars. However, most people are tense and angrily commenting on social networks, including Twitter and Reddit. So, let us now highlight the netizens’ comments on Tyreextingushers com

How Are Online Users Reacting? 

As mentioned earlier, the people are not happy with the protest as they are harming their car and even without their permission. On Reddit, users hope the group to be punished one day and pay for ruining the cars. Similarly, several people tweeted that they should not touch or do wrong on someone’s stuff on Twitter.

Is The Protest Valid?

As per a source, the activity is illegal as they are not taking consent from the owners. However, for puncturing tyres, there is no specified law yet published. 

The Final Words 

This Tyreextingushers com article introduces a few individuals objecting to SUVs and four-wheel-drive cars. However, on Twitter and Reddit, most people are angry with their activity. 

What is your feedback to the group? Please mention your thoughts below. 

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