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In this article, we have discussed the Turkish Airlines Plane Crash and the successful landing of the plane. Follow our blog to get more information.

Hello, readers; today, we will share information on Turkey to Ben Gurion flight that got aborted due to plane crash pictures sent to the passengers. Dear readers, have you heard about the Turkish Airlines Plane Crash, which caused the stoppage of the flight flying towards Ben Gurion from Turkey?

On Tuesday, AnadoluJet-737 passengers received pictures of old plane crashes that happened in Canada, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States in the past days. It became the reason for the delay in take-off.

Brief About the Turkish Flight Matter –

On May 10, 2022, the flight from Israel to Turkey, was delayed because passengers on the flight received several images regarding the plane crash. One of the plane crash pictures was related to the New Zealand crash that happened in 2009.

Turkish Airlines Plane Crash Suspects – 

The police have arrested the nine Israeli citizens who spread information about those pictures. The pictures sent through AirDrop, an apple service. The speculation is that it might be a conspiracy for plane-hijacking. However, the captain decided to return to the terminal after hearing this news, and the flight departed successfully later on. And the suspects removed from that flight. 

The act is an offense in itself, hence, the persons who disseminated false information about the Plane crash could be punished with three-year imprisonment. Also, there’s a woman identified as Diana in the Turkish Airlines Plane Crash issue. She fainted due to the panic created by those fake pictures. 

Brief about the Pictures shared via apple device –

The pictures were sent through an Apple service called AirDrop. It enables iPhone users to share files from one device to another that is not too far from the sender. 

The pictures include a photo of a Turkish Flight-1951 that crashed at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, located in the Netherlands, in 2009. It also includes a plane crash of Turkish flight that happened while landing at an airport in San Francisco in 2003. The Investigating Authority told Turkish Airlines Plane Crash matter will be checked thoroughly and the real sender, who is unknown as of now, will be punished and taken into custody soon. 


Q.1 Who informed the crew about the plane crash?

A.1 The nine passengers on the flight shared this information. 

Q.2 Who will Investigate the matter?

A.2 Police will do that because it’s related to the security of a country. However, the main information will be taken from the Israel Airport Authority.

The Final Verdict – 

The Trolleys, briefcases, and personal belongings were checked by Airport Authority before landing successfully at the planned destination. Hope, you got complete information on the crash news. To get more information on Turkish Airlines Plane Crash, click this official Turkish Airlines page 

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