Tsurumi Genshin Island {Dec} Find The path To Reach!

Players are excited to start their quest to find Tsurumi Genshin Island. See challenges they face and how to reach the Island.

Genshin Impact is always an exciting game to be played. There are different adventures a player undertakes and discovers new places. Tsunami Island is one such place that has become a sensation to find among the Genshin Impact players Worldwide. The players have embarked on a quest to find Tsurumi Genshin Island. There is, however, a path to go there and, today, we will tell you where and how to find the Island. 

What is Tsurumi Island?

Genshin Impact 2.2 has added Tsurumi Island, among other new features. But, the interesting fact is that no one knows how to travel there. Players would undoubtedly have novel adventures on the Island. As it looks, the Island is packed in a fog, which makes it difficult to reach there. This fog stops players from reaching the Island with the Windrider. The players landed at Tsurumi Genshin Island but were led outside eventually by the fog. 

Tsurumi Island is an island of Inazuma islands. It is a place where a tribe has long vanished. There are almost three tribes that have made the Island their habitat now. Players have to tart the World Quest Series Through the Mists after completing the Series Serial Storm Chasers. After this, the fog will disappear. However, the fog would come and go according to the circumstances in the gameplay. If the fog is not cleared, the player would be thrown at the Tsurumi Island’s Statute of The Seven

How to reach Tsurumi Genshin Island?

The Island is in the southernmost part of Inazuma. After starting ‘Through the Mists’ world quest, the player starts a journey to the Island. The players would be speaking with Katheryne in Inazuma city and Sumida. Then the player would move on to find the Kama in Roitu to be teleported to Tsurumi city. 

Now, players would be teleported to Tsurumi Island. The mist now has to be cleared. For this, the players have to follow a path with sufficient light and less mist. The mist will throw them out and teleport back to the last waypoint if they move randomly.                  

Expectations from the New Island

The players in Tsurumi Genshin would explore the Island filled with hundreds of new adventures and many hidden tasks. Reaching the Tsurumi Genshin Island is a thrilling adventure, as depicted above. The player would have to talk to a number of characters on her path to Tsurumi Island.

 Escaping from fog, or adventuring within fog by preventing it from touching the user, is the foremost challenge one has to face. To know more, see How to get to Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact – PC Gamer  


After starting their World quest through the mists, the players are thrilled to reach the island. The path is not easy, and one has to talk to people, assess the correct location, and then save oneself from the fog. There are numerous adventures on the Island which the players would know after reaching the place.

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