True Piece Codes {Nov 2021} Redeem To Earn Rewards!

Latest Information True Piece Codes

In this post, we have discussed the online game True Piece on Roblox and the latest True Piece Codes.

Are you a fan of the True Piece game? Are you looking for new codes for the True Piece game on Roblox? If yes, then hook on to this post.

True Piece is an experience game on The largest online gaming platform Roblox. Many True Piece players in the United States are looking for codes to use in the game. So, in this post, we will discuss True Piece Codes and how to redeem the codes.

About True Piece

True Piece is a game developed by the Divine Tempest for the online gaming platform Roblox. The game is inspired by the famous anime game One Piece. True Piece lets players choose between pirate or marine to start playing the game. 

In True Piece, players can increase their status by obtaining reputation or bounties to energize their powers. To grow stronger, players need to learn multiple fighting and weapons skills. Players also need to battle against powerful bosses to acquire items to grow stronger.

Let’s learn more details on True Piece before knowing about True Piece Codes.

About Game Description of True Piece 

There are a total of 500 levels in the game as of November 2021. The game developer Divine Tempest is planning to add more levels to the game soon. 

Players can spawn the fruits every hour and despawn the fruits after 30 minutes. Some fruits are Ice, Fire, Sand, Mochi, Rubber, Magma and Phoenix.

Also, there is a feature in the game that lets bosses spawn fruits every 3 minutes. The crew in the game act as a party system. In addition to that, premium players can get 5 gems per hour.

Before knowing about True Piece Codes, players need to know how to redeem the codes.

How to Redeem Codes in True Piece?

Every player needs to know the right steps to redeem codes in True Piece if they want to earn rewards. Follow these steps to redeem game codes in True Piece:

  • Start True Piece on the Roblox Platform 
  • Search for the setting icon on the bottom right of the webpage.
  • Tap on the settings icon.
  • Enter the code in the code redemption tab (use only active codes).
  • Click on the Enter icon to redeem the code.
  • Now enjoy some free and awesome free in-game rewards.

About True Piece Codes

The developers of True Piece, the Divine Tempest, every now and then come up with new codes. Here is a list of the latest codes:

  • SORRYFORSHUTDOWNS – Use this code to get 5 perk spins
  • FREESPINS – Use this code to get 5 spins.
  • PERKSHOWNOW – This code also yield 5 spins
  • TRUEPIECEISHERE – Using this code, players can get 2 race spins, 5 spins, 10 minutes drop boost, 1 hour EXP boost and 100 Gems. 


True Piece is an awesome game with a great in-game experience. The game developers of True Piece release game codes very frequently. Visit this News Website  to know more.

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