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The guide shares the complete True Perk Tier List for the gamers with the abilities and powers.

Be a marine or pirate, achieve your reputation, perks and bounty to highlight your status while increasing your defensive and offensive skills in the new game on Roblox called True Piece.

The game takes you to the virtual world where you can learn different skills like weapon skills and combat powers and explore new horizons while fighting your bosses and obtaining rare perks to enhance your skills and powers. 

The excitement increases in the game with the unique boosts called True Perks. Gamers in the United States are eager to know the complete True Perk Tier List

What is Roblox True Piece?

Roblox True Piece is the online game on Roblox inspired by the anime game, One Piece. The gameplay starts as a lowly character, and players have to work harder to upgrade the character and its ranks as a marine or pirate. 

As the game proceeds, players will find different devil fruits that can upgrade their powers and skills. The other unique aspects of the game are the perk system. Some passive perks and bonuses can be obtainable by spinning them. Below is the helpful guide on the True Perk Tier List for the worldwide players, including the United States.

What are True Perk Systems?

True Perks are the unique boosts and bonuses that help players access new abilities to progress, boost and upgrade their characters in the game. Because of these bonuses and perks, the game gets exciting for the gamers. 

So, all players must obtain these perks and bonuses while playing the game. Below is the guide that will let you know the available unique boosts and perks for the gamers. 

The New True Perk Tier List for Players

Common Perks

  • Vitality – It gives you extra 20 health bases. 
  • Luck- It enables the chance for critical strikes
  • Runner – The perk helps you master your base movement speed while allowing moving faster in the base without any extra effort. 

Legendary Perks

  • Advanced Kenbunshoku – Reduces the Haki price for dodges
  • Advanced Busoshoku – Allows using full-body Haki and it needs 400 Buso Mastery, and you get extra HP
  • Weapon Busoshoku – Gives you weapon power and power boosy with activated Haki
  • Red Hair Pirate Haoshoku – It bluffs the Haoshoku uses, increases range, and lowers cool downtime 

The Rare Perks

The rare True Perk Tier List is as follows.

  • Enhanced Finger Gun – It helps lower the skill cool down while increasing the finger gun damages and maximizes the chances for passive critical strike.
  • Enhanced Moon Walk – get an extra moonwalk and reduce the cooldown period.
  • Rankyaku – Increases the rankyaku damage and reduces cooldown.
  • Enhanced paper Art – Enhances the chances to activate the paper body.
  • Enhanced Iron Body – Enhance block power and heighten passive armor
  • Instant Transmission – Get extra range and reduce cool down. 

Godly Perks

Strawhat Haoshoku – The perk activates Haoshoku automatically when you get low in health, and it works without any game pass.


If you enjoy playing the Roblox True Piece game, ensure to access these bonuses and perks as mentioned in the True Perk Tier List above. The perks come with special abilities and upgrade your skills and powers to enjoy the game. 

Do you know any other perks and bonuses of the game? Then, please share it in the comments section below.

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