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Here in this article, we will read about Troy Nathan Fairley and the reason behind his removal from the Mississippi rising coalition.

Are you curious about knowing more about troy Nathan’s background and current profession? Then read this whole article because we will cover every detail about troy and his early lifeand also about the history that he has in the United States.

Troy Nathan Fairley has been in several news headlines a few years back. But, unfortunately, he was also arrested for the charge of a felony when he was a member of the Mississippi rising coalition, which we will briefly discuss in this article, so read the complete article for complete information.

Who Is Troy Nathan?

He was a member of member Mississippi rising coalition and was arrested for the charges of felony, and was sentenced to 22 months in prison, and we will discuss in brief the exact reason for Troy Nathan Fairley arrest further in the article. But now, let us first read something about Mississippi rising coalition board.

Details about Mississippi Rising Coalition Board:

It is basically a nonprofit and non-partisan organization of grass pools based in south Mississippi. It consists of allies and residents and affinity organizations that support and promote a collective vision.

The goal of this organization is to facilitate the state of the Mississippi, to make it rise from the bottom and place it at the top in the list of quality of life, by empowering the communities and also the individuals through education and community organization and also through defense and advocacy in the field of human rights.

Why Was Troy Nathan Fairley Removed?

He was removed from the Mississippi rising coalition board from the post of a member on the charges of felony. Troy was arrested earlier in 2018 and was kept in jail for several months under forgeries. 

It is claimed that troy had committed several forgeries and crimes which he did not tell the board and kept all these things a secret, and further, when the board got to know about the background of troy, they removed him from the Mississippi rising coalition.

There are several more charges of crime against Troy Nathan Fairley other than the charges of forgery, due to which he was also arrested in the year 2104 and was released in the year 2016. According to some people, troy is not a victim of such charges, but he has been convicted for the charges of felony.


Here in this article, we will briefly read about a member of the board of Mississippi rising coalition, and several more crucial pieces of information related to the member Troy Nathan Fairley. We have discussed every little information related to him and the reasons behind his removal from the board of Mississippi rising coalition.

Do you want to know more about troy? If yes, then do let us know in the comment section below.

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