Tropicana Orange Juice Cereal {April} Curious? Read!

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The guide shares details about the newly launched Tropicana Orange Juice Cereal and how to grab the free box.  

Do you love to have crunchy cereals in your breakfast? Tropicana, the leading fruit-based beverage manufacturer, recently announced Tropicana Crunch, the breakfast cereal designed to be used with orange juice instead of milk.     

Tropicana Crunch is the limited-edition OJ cereal that can be paired with orange juice instead of milk to have a wholesome breakfast in the morning. The product is trending, especially after the official post that claims to offer free Tropicana Orange Juice Cereal to all across the United States.    

What is Tropicana Crunch?

Tropicana Crunch is a limited edition breakfast cereal by the renowned fruit-based beverage manufacturer, Tropicana. It is the special breakfast cereal meant to be combined with orange juice instead of regular milk. 

The latest product from the brand is scheduled for release on 4th May 2022, as confirmed by the company on 25th April 2022. Tropicana Crunch is the special honey almond cereal designed to be paired with orange juice. So, people in the United States are eagerly waiting for it as it is scheduled to be released at 9 AM ET on 4th May 2022.   

About Tropicana Crunch Free Box!

Tropicana Crunch cereal made for Orange Juice is scheduled to be released on 4th May, and the official Instagram page confirmed to offer a free box to all who register for the campaign. After the official announcement, all cereal lovers eagerly wait for the innovative cereal. 

Tropicana has also announced on Instagram that they will be giving a free box of the cereal on 4th May after the product’s release until the supply lasts. So, all fans are urged to check back on 5th May to get a chance to get a free box until the supply lasts. So, people are urged to keep checking the official Instagram page for more updates on Tropicana Crunch Free Box.     

How to Buy the Tropicana Crunch?

Tropicana Crunch will not be available for sale in local stores. Cereal lovers are urged to visit the official Tropicana Crunch Website to register and sign-up for a free Crunch box on 4th May 2022. 

The product will be released soon on the 4th of May, and it will be made available on the website; people can sign-up and claim the free box until the supply lasts. The official Instagram page also shared 2nd post showcasing the product and adding images to prove over 15M people tried cereal with OJ. Since 4th May is the National Orange Juice Day, Tropicana Orange Juice Cereal is scheduled for release on the same day.  

Orange Juice Day is the national event celebrated by the Florida Dept of Citrus, and it falls on the 4th of May every year. It is celebrated to highlight the health benefits of orange juice.


Tropicana Crunch is the newly announced cereal designed to be paired with orange juice instead of consuming it with traditional milk choices. People who love having cereals in their breakfast are likely to enjoy this new type of cereal meant to be paired with OJ. 

Besides, if you are lucky enough, you may get the chance to grab the free box of Tropicana Orange Juice Cereal on the release day from its Website, i.e., 4th May 2022.    

Have you already registered for the free box? Please share your experiences in the comment section.

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