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A trough stretches through central, western and southern Queensland and is expected to contract towards western Queensland during the next few days. A ridge extends along the east coast south of Townsville from a high in the southern Tasman Sea of Australia. The high will persist near New Zealand for several days, keeping the ridge in place. A monsoon trough spreads throughout the northern Coral Sea as well. 

Tropical Cyclone North Queensland is expected to strike the far northeast coast before moving west through the Cape York Peninsula and pulling the monsoon trough into northern Queensland.

What is a Tropical Cyclone?

Cyclone Tropical Kimi was a tiny tropical cyclone that briefly threatened North Queensland’s Eastern Coast in January 2021. The tenth tropical low and third tropical storm of the 2020–21 Australian area cyclone season, Kimi formed on 16 January from a weak tropical low northeast of Queensland. 

Early Subsequent the low intensified into Tropical Cyclone Kimi because it drifted slowly towards the coast of northeastern Australia. 

Despite most projections of Tropical Cyclone North Queensland showing a course south onto the shore, a strong rise in wind shear led the storm to turn west away from the coast just hours before a potential landfall, causing Kimi to weaken drastically, becoming a tropical low by 18 January and fading the next day completely.

The tropical cyclone is expected to make landfall in the Gulf of Carpentaria on a recent day and then move west. According to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), there is a moderate to the high possibility that a tropical low now building in the Coral Sea off north Queensland may develop into a tropical cyclone.

Tropical Cyclone North Queensland

Tiffany is the next name in the BOM’s cyclone list. If the low does not develop into a tropical cyclone in the Coral Sea, it will most likely do so over Mexico.

It may be building off the coast of far north Queensland, while the remains of another cross the state’s southeast coast, causing widespread showers.

What does monitoring say?

The Bureau of Meteorology monitors a monsoon trough within the Coral Sea, which is predicted to develop into a tropical cyclone in the next few days. As ex-tropical cyclone Seth fades after making landfall on Friday, the Bureau of Meteorology warns that another could form as it approaches the Cape York Peninsula.

There is a moderate risk of a Tropical Cyclone North Queensland of the Coral Sea, Brooke Pagel, and BOM hazard response coordinator, told AAP.

Why is it in trend?

A monsoon trough is expected to rush into northern Queensland, boosting the chance of a tropical cyclone over the weekend, lashing Australia’s east coast with heavy rain and hazardous weather.

Only a few days after ex-tropical cyclone Seth battered the state’s southeast with big waves and unusually high tides, Queensland’s northern tropics are bracing for a surge of wet and severe winds.


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