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This article describes Trode Wordle and more about the wordle game. Many tips are also given in the article.

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People from New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Australia, and India like to play the wordle game. The game is trending due to its popularity and its various features.

Let’s know more about Trode Wordle.

What is Trode?

In the wordle game, players are given words comprising of five-letter words. Recently there was a hint that the second letter was R and the E in the right place. Many players guessed it in many ways. For example, many players have guessed it as TRODE. 

Many players were confused about guessing the answer. Some people guessed it as correct. Some others guessed the word wrong.

When the answer was announced as TROPE, people searched for the word TRODE. Even many people are searching for the meaning of the word TRODE. After playing Trode Wordlepeople have been able to find the meaning of the word.

The word TRODE is a valid Scrabble word, an obsolete spelling of trod, which is also in a verb form. The noun of trode is tread, which means footing.

History of Wordle Game

There is a story of a love behind the creation of the wordle game. Josh Wardle, a software Engineer, created the game because his partner liked to play word games. 

But after Josh and his partner played it for a few months, the game became popular amongst his family members.

Keep reading the article to know more about Trode Wordle.

The game has gained so much popularity that Josh decided to publish the game to the world. Later the game was purchased by The New York Times Company.

How to Play Wordle

Every day players are given a five-letter word to guess. Players have to visit the website and guess the word. After every guess, the colors of the letter will keep changing. The green color means that the guess is correct. The yellow color shows that the letter is correct but placed in the wrong place. The Gray letter shows that the letter is entirely incorrect.

Is Trode Wordle a game?

The word Trode was used to guess in the wordle game. However, in the game recently, when the hint was given as the five-letter word included R in the second place and E in the last, then many players started to guess it as TRODE.

The honest answer of the game was TROVE which means to treasure a valuable thing.


After reading this article, perhaps, you have learned about the wordle game and why the word trode is trending. You will also be beneficial from this article to know the tips mentioned above. Even you can use dictionary to guess a word.

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