Trillionaire Thugs NFT {Feb} Find Roadmap, Market Stats

The article on Trillionaire Thugs NFT discusses the new NFT launched in the market. Read the article to learn about NFT.

Do you know about NFTs? Would you like to buy an NFT? What are Trillionaire Thugs? Is this an NFT?

The Crypto economy is growing and developing. After cryptocurrency, people are now venturing into the NFT world. They are showing interest in the NFT market, which is why NFTs are so popular right now. People invest their savings to earn more from it in today’s world. 

Everyone in New Zealand, Australia, and the United States wonder about Trillionaire Thugs NFT.

What is NFT?

We hope by now you must have learned about the Non-fungible tokens. If you haven’t, let us have a look at its definition. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a type of blockchain token that can each be traced back to an individual entity. They are unique and cannot be replaced by other tokens.

NFT can also be defined as a class of cryptocurrencies with advanced smart contract functionality. These tokens can be programmed to allow for unique, dynamic effects within a token’s ecosystem. These tokens can only be in digital form or items such as virtual collectables like Cryptokitties etc.

Trillionaire Thugs NFT

It is an NFT launched recently in the digital currency market. They have a huge collection of 7777 3D art pieces. This collection of 3D digital art pieces is known as Trillionaire Thugs. They have built their NFTs with the help of more than 300 traits.

Their NFTs are based on the hip hop style. More things are related to this NFT, for example, the first party in February 2022.

Market Stats

  • Trading volume Zero currently.
  • Floor price is 0.08 (lowest)
  • Number of pieces available in the market for buying is 30.
  • Currently they have 8 owners.

Road Map

Let us see the Trillionaire Thugs NFT road map. Their journey is divided into six different phases:

  • 1st Phase: Launching the collection of thugs gang art pieces. After launching the collection, granting permission to the whitelist and launching the whole 7777 pieces of the collection.
  • 2nd Phase: Hosting parties after the launch of the NFTs in Miami and Dubai. The aim is to meet the community in real life. 
  • 3rd Phase: Launching exclusive Merch for the community so that they can be easily recognizable as the holder.
  • 4th Phase: The old holder of more than 30 days will then be able to access a new NFT collection of weapons added to the Trillionaire Thugs NFT.
  • 5th Phase: Character updates will be provided to the holders. Adding more practical and financial value to the NFT.
  • 6th Phase: Launch a game that will get connected to the characters and finally to the metaverse. Holder will be easily able to present their collection online.


The NFT market is now at its full pace. More and more people are finding NFT and trying to buy one or atleast follow the growth. Moreover, people are intrigued by the digital art form, welcoming this idea of digital assets.

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