Triatomine VS Stink Bug {Oct 2021} How Differ These Are?

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Want to explore Triatomine vs Stink Bug? Read the content and know-how these bugs are spreading diseases all across the globe.

Are you aware of the bugs that predominantly cause Chagas disease? Do you know what special feature does this bug possess that makes it different from others? Then we are here to share the details of the Triatomine and stink bug with you.

Most people in the rural areas of the United States suffer from the Chagas disease that transmits through insects. So, the need of the hour is to learn about these bugs and try to identify them.

Let’s explore Triatomine vs Stink Bug and capture interesting facts about them.

What is a Triatomine Bug?

It is a reduviid bug that carries the parasite Trypanosoma Cruzi, responsible for spreading Chagas among animals and people.

These are often called kissing bugs and are found indoors, housing holes, and between the cracks. Moreover, you can even spot them in outdoor areas, including rocky structures, kennels, rodent nests, and many more.

The US has spotted eleven different species of Triatomine bugs till now. Being active at night, they feed on the blood of humans, reptiles and birds.

Before spotting light on Triatomine vs Stink Bug, we want you to look at the next section that carries stink bug details.

What is a stink bug?

The stink bug is a native insect of Asia but has spread to several parts of the world. They spoil gardens, crops and homes. Stink bugs produce a distinctive smell from their glands when they are disturbed.

The first generation of stink bugs feeds on grasses. As they become old, they start migrating into fields and residential areas. Thus, creating risk for the people. Moreover, it has been discovered recently that the stink bugs have come back again in America.

Triatomine vs Stink Bug

There are few factors on which we will differentiate these bugs –

  • Species – There are ten species of kissing bugs, out of which Triatoma sanguisuga and protracta are the conenose bugs. While there are many species of stink bugs available, BMBS is dangerous.
  • Bite – Triatomine and Stink Bug have sucking mouths, but only Triatomine bites pets, animals and people.
  • Appearance – Stink bugs have shield-shaped bodies while kissing bugs have come -shaped body structure.
  • Food source – The diet of these bugs is also one of the major factors that help to determine Triatomine vs Stink Bug. Stink bugs rely on peaches, apples and citrus fruits while kissing bugs consume the blood of the host animals.

How to prevent these bugs?

The prevention techniques of both these bugs are quite similar.

  • You must seal all the entry points where they are most likely to appear.
  • Minimize generating outdoor habitats for these bugs.
  • Remove the clutter from your home.

Apart from following these measures, you must be aware of the insecticide treatment that controls the spread of Chagas disease caused by Triatomine.


We tried our best to share the necessary details of Triatomine vs Stink Bug with you. Since they can approach you indoors and attack you, follow the preventive measures and keep yourself protected.

Do you have any other method to prevent these bugs? Comment and share with us.

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