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This post, Travis the Mauling Chimp, will provide all the information regarding Chimp to our readers. So kindly go through this post to learn about Chimp Travis.

Have you ever heard about Travis? Do you aware of the news about chimpanzees? Did you know what happened in 2009? Do you want to know about Travis in detail? Then you have come to an accurate site. Here you will get all your answers. People nowadays in the United States and Australia wanted to know about the Travis incident.

This post, Travis the Mauling Chimp, will make sure to provide all the information regarding the Travis incident, which happened in the year 2009. Kindly read this post thoroughly.

Why is this news trending?

Firstly, for those who have not heard about Travis, we wanted to aware you of him. He was a Mauling chimp and famous all over the US for his animal role in many films and serials. He died in an incident after causing harm to his owner’s friend. The injured lady is facing many difficulties after so many years also. People wanted to know what happened in that incident. This is the reason this news is on trend nowadays.

Travis the Chimp Crime Scene

Charla Nash is a lady who was requested by her friend to take care of a Chimpanzee named Travis. She was attacked by Travis while putting the keys aside. Although Nash was a frequent visitor to her friend’s house, she coloured her hair or changed her look. This is why Travis didn’t recognise her and attacked her. 

After that, police were called up. Aftermath, the police had to shoot Travis in order to make him stop his aggressive act. One can read this section below; we have shared Travis the Chimp Crime Scene in detail.

What happened to Charla Nash?

Nash was taken to the hospital immediately, as her condition was too bad, not even describable. Her face has been destroyed completely. She has gone through many surgeries in the past some years. Her face was critically injured. She has gone through more than a week of surgery after this attack. She had done a face transplant as her face was not getting better after going through surgeries also. 

After so many years after the incident, doctors have advised her not to go anywhere without covering her face. We can see how drastic it was to be attacked by Travis the Mauling Chimp. She faced lots of problems over the past many years. Many people doubted keeping pets at home after learning about her incident.

Summing up

Summing up this write-up, we have tried to share all the information regarding Chimp Travis with all our readers. We have provided all the information in detail about what happened in 2009.  Please check out this link once to get more information about this Travis incident.

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