Travis Kalanick Parents Accident {April} Incident Detail

This article provides some insight into the Super Pumped series, and complete details on Travis Kalanick Parents Accident. Follow our article for more updates.

The news about the latest series on Uber company released by ‘Super Pumped’ is on air now, and its getting viral at the speed of lightning. It has been spotted that the character of Travis kalanick is being played by a famous actor frofgm the United States starring Joseph Gordon Levitt in this series.

Have you heard about this latest series starring Joseph Gordon as the owner of the Uber company, which is taking place after Travis Kalanick Parents Accident? To know more about it, read the article below.

Who is Travis Kalanick?

Currently, among all the famous businessmen globally, there is the name Travis kalanick, the American entrepreneur who has helped millions of people with his new business idea has provided a job to those million unemployed people and has taken the industry of drivers to a new height.

Since we all went familiar after his business idea started to boom, yes, you are right. He is none other than the cofounder of the Uber Company and currently the CEO of the Uber Company.

But in recent times, this series of Super Pumped released a story based on the Uber cofounder revolution, which takes place after Travis Kalanick Parents Accident. We have shared the complete details about the story just below.

All about the super pumped series:

The complete story is based on the entire revolution on how Travis kalanick revolted against ground transportation till the introduction of the Uber company. The name of the Super Pumped series is “The battle of Uber,” starring Joseph Gordon Levitt as the main character of the film, playing the role of Travis Kalanick.

Going deep into the story tells us about the most successful and ambitious person in Silicon Valley. Brian Koppelman and David Levien direct it. The series is releasing after Travis Kalanick Parents Accident. The series throws light on the Roller-Coaster journey of the owner of the Uber cofounder. Despite all odds, Uber company revolting against the big tech companies and finally stood out among those famous tech companies focusing more on the internal and external battles of the company.

The series also focuses on how a person who was considered the bad guy of technology to expelling from his own company and the all-over deal made by Travis kalanick, and how he has spread its network throughout the world.

All about Travis Kalanick Parents Accident:

Before releasing this series, Travis Kalanick, the CEO of Uber, had to go through the worst phase of his life when he lost his mother. As per reports, in the year 2017, Bonnie kalanick, the mother of Travis, went on a boat trip with his husband on Friday evening, where both of them met with a severe boat accident. As a result, his father was seriously injured while his mother died.   


Both parents of Travis Kalanick was expired in 2017 due to the boat accident. For more latest details of Travis kalanickyou can visit here. 

So here we are concluding after providing you with all the details we could obtain through our analysis on the battle of Uber, which was released after Travis Kalanick Parents Accident.

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