Transit UK Scam {Nov} Read Full To Know Its Reality!

Latest News Transit UK Scam is found to be suspicious by users. Read to find out whether the Transit UK Scam is real or a rumour. 

News has surfaced recently that claimed that the website to be a fraud and scam. There are various customer reviews and allegations for this purpose, and however, it is not yet established whether the website is certainly a fraud or not.

The recommendation ratings for the website have decreased, and thousands of the United Kingdom citizens who use such websites for transition took this news with great shock and dilapidation. The Transit UK Scam, if true, could shake the legal authenticity and virtual firewalls.

What is Transit-UK.Com? is a website that deals in logistics. It claims to re-develop the global logistics sector as its mission. It provides Express courier services as well via road, sea, and air. The company claims to be based at London Southend airport and could instantly offer its services in emergencies.

It also has an express medical facility that works 24/7 to help the customers in a medical emergency. The company does seem a scamster, and Transit UK Scam may or may not be true as it claims to have regional offices in Poland, Belgium, Romania, Germany, Spain, and Finland. It has a length of vehicles that can shift goods, from anywhere, on the same day. 

Customer Care and Contact Details 

Unlike most scammers, has a customer service base that could be accessed by calling +441702302798 or sending mail at Your grievance can also be registered at their official website. The regional address has been specified as Suite 14 Themesgate Business Centre, Southend-on-Sea, SS2 6DF. There is a north office as well, the address to which is provided on the website. 

Transit UK Scam: Reviews and Credibility

The domain of the website was created on 27th November 2021. The traffic on the website is almost zero. It is not understandable that a company registered two or three days back has invested mammoth amounts of money in providing services worldwide. However, the domain has not been detected as fraud by any blocklist engine. It is registered on HTTPS, which is supposed to be legitimate.

The poor design of the website, along with low traffic compunctions, make the website lose its credibility. The customer reviews are not available. Transit UK Scam can be possible as in the column specified for 'team members', no photo or name has been displayed on the website of

The domain name is new, and social media presence has not been specified on the website. Though there are various accounts by transit-UK on Instagram and Facebook, it isn't easy to know which one is the official account. None, however, contains any reliable information about the owners and customer reviews. 


The domain name is very recent, and no customer reviews have been available on the website, and the information about the owners is also not available. Therefore, we conclude that Transit UK Scam is real. The company claims to be working in various countries but has not shown one customer review. To know more, see how to check scam websites.

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