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Did you hear about the traffic light rules? Do you know about it? Covid 19 has hit almost all the countries. Millions of people lost their lives due to coronavirus. Different countries have imposed different rules to keep people safe from this virus. New Zealand has been following traffic light rules to stay protected from covid 19. But now, the president is ready to drop this rule. 

In this article, you know all the facts about Traffic Light Announcement NZ.

Traffic light rule

The traffic light framework, also known as Covid 19 protection framework, has been imposed in NZ since the covid 19 period. Wearing masks had become a mandate in the country. Vaccination requirements were also required in almost all countries. Now, when covid 19 came to an end, the president of NZ decided to remove the traffic light rule. 

The framework will end at 11:59 pm today only. It means people are not required to wear masks, but exceptions are included. Vaccination requirements will be ending soon. People are curious to know about the removal of this framework. So let’s discuss this in more depth.

What Time Is the Announcement Today?

A traffic light announcement has been made today. Several requirements are dropped, but there are a few exceptions. The rules have been dropped by the president of NZ. It means now several traffic light rules are not mandatory to be followed. The President has made the announcement today. We could not find the exact timing of the announcement.

The announcement is made to set people free from masks and vaccination. The Coronavirus protection framework will end at 11:59 today. It means people are free to move without masks. However, there are some places where the mask is still mandatory, as per Traffic Light Announcement NZ.

What announcement is made?

NZ people from tonight will no longer follow the traffic light framework. There are several relaxation and removal of traffic light rules. The following announcement is being made for dropping the traffic light rule:

  • The requirements of masks will no longer be needed except in age and health care facilities.
  • As per the announcement, only those people who require seven days of isolation who are positive for covid 19 and their household contacts are not necessary to isolate.
  • From 26 September, the vaccination will not be mandatory according to Traffic Light Announcement NZ.
  •  Vaccination will not be mandatory for aircrews and travelers to enter a country.
  • Some of the Traffic Light Announcements are mentioned above. In addition, there are a few more relaxations in dropping traffic light rules. 

In a nutshell

This article will articulate information on removing the covid 19 framework in NZ. The president of NZ has dropped the traffic light rule today. The framework will end tonight at 11:59 pm. People no longer wear masks everywhere. Vaccination requirements will be ending shortly. You can visit this link to know more about traffic light rules.

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