Tradingview Study Error (March) Causes & How To Fix It?

The guide shares details about the new charting platform and the common Tradingview Study Error fixes.  

Trading on stock, Crypto, or FOREX has become easier after the advent of different online platforms. TradingView is one platform that helps review FOREX, and stocks before trading. 

The platform gives you predictions on different stocks, and you can also follow experienced brokers and investors to make a wise investment decision. But, there are certain criteria to use the platform, and if you don’t follow the steps carefully, you may face the Tradingview Study Error.

Many users in the United States face errors and have different underlying causes. But, don’t panic as fixes are available.

About Tradingview

Tradingview is the powerful and effective stock screener, research powerhouse and charting platform focused on offering different tools that investors can use to review the market before investing. 

The platform has some noteworthy features, including a fully functional mobile application, custom script integration, different screening criteria, and more. Apart from research and charting tools, it also offers different educational tools. 

Like other online applications, users in the United States face a new Study Error and look to fix this issue.

What is the Tradingview Study Error?

When setting up the strategy and indicator scripts on the Tradingview App, users have to define the script settings in the codes. It is done using the strategy and study features of the application. 

But, when you accidentally use these features more than once or select the wrong combination, you start facing the study error. The Study Error shows some issue with the script, and it displays as a generic message. 

But it is important to get the right fixes to Tradingview Study Error. The error message appears on the Pine Editor’s console. Below you will find the fixes to this error message. 

What are the Causes and Fixes to Study Error?

Different underlying causes trigger the error in your Tradingview App. So, it is extremely important to understand the underlying cause of the error to find the right fixes to the issue. 

Cause One

The first cause that triggers the error is when the Study feature appears more than once in the code. In many cases, when the Study function is copied, pasted, and set in the code of indicator, you end with the error message. 

The easy fix to Tradingview Study Error is to combine the two Study statements into one. It will help fix the error.    

Cause Two

The second situation that triggers the Study error is when the Study and Strategy functions are in the same script. The error message appears when the code is copied and pasted on the same script.

To fix the error, you need to identify the script. You need to drop the strategy function from the code for the indicator script and use only Study.    


The charting platform, Tradingview, has lots of issues. Fortunately, there are fixes available to Tradingview Study Error. However, you must understand the underlying cause of the error to find the right fixes. If you are new to the platform, ensure to learn the Things you have to Do When Facing Any Error.     

Do you use Tradingview? How Is Your Experience? Please share in the comment section below. 

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